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In one of the nicest campaigns I’ve recently seen, Airbnb have just launched a house down the Thames, the river that passes through London’s heart. They did it to celebrate the recent change in London’s rent laws, which will allow citizens to legally share their flats through Airbnb. When it comes to rent, London is hands down one of the most expensive cities in the world. A small room at the edge of the city…

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We all know the lovey-dovey pictures some couples post on Instagram or Facebook – the apparently awesome relationship, all that. Well, one girl decided to take things further – she poke some awesome fun by taking pictures with her new ‘boyfriend’: a pink JanSport backpack. Day dates are fun!! Met up with JanSport for an iced tea and a stroll in the park. #springinnewyork #JansportDate Uma foto publicada por Gen Blau (@heresthedoodle) a Mai 13,…

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Like many things in life, traveling is all about perspective – and these images show an amazing perspective! How many of these places have you visited? How many would you like to visit? Do you prefer the ground perspective, or the bird’s eye view? Leave your opinions in the comment section! Niagara Falls Quite possibly the most famous waterfall in the world, Niagara definitely deserves its fame. Barcelona Barcelona is known for its bohemian neighborhoods,…

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We all know the famous statues of Rushmore or Rio de Janeiro, but not all grand statues are so well known. In an attempt to do them justice, here are some of the grandest statues in the world: Genghis Khan, Mongolia – 40 meters What better way to start this list than with the world’s greatest and bloodiest conqueror? This tall statue of Genghis Khan on horseback, on the bank of the Tuul River was built…

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Winter is almost over, but in many parts of the world, it’s still unpleasantly cold. Tea and a hot cocoa often do the trick… but sometimes you just want something different – you want to explore the tastes of other places. If that’s how you feel, or if you simply want a warm, delightful drink to enjoy in the afternoon, here are some of the best (and not so well known) beverages that can keep you…

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It’s been a long time since we posted here – too long! This summer was just so incredibly busy, we barely hard any time to travel – let along blog about it. But that won’t happen from now on. We’ll be keeping on a regular posting schedule, because there’s just too much we have to share with you guys! So, here’s what you should be expecting from now on. Epic Destinations We’ve seen some places,…

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Valli del Pasubio, Italy Of course from a point on there’s restricted vehicle access, but when did this last stop anybody? And if drivers tend to think twice before venturing, the cyclists aren’t made to follow the rules. What makes it famous are the stunning views and the legend says that you can’t just go there only once. The true surprise that people most often don’t expect when coming to this place is the huge…

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As I’ve tried to point out in other posts, there are many countries under the auspices of a more general category known as off the beaten path. I stand by the belief that not being the top-of-mind option for travelers isn’t necessarily an indicator of its actual quality as a destination. In fact, most of the times, this etiquette is all about the lack of popularity instead of the place itself. Uzbekistan is one of the many examples on the list…

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There’s a whole special adventure you might be missing out on – participating to fall festivals in Europe. But even with the ever growing popularity of Oktoberfest, going to fall festivals still isn’t too high on the travel lists of Europeans. There’s a few reasons why this happens – first of all, everybody loves taking vacations in the summer, dispatching the autumn as a grey and monotonous season. Here, I’ll show you why this is…

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