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Airbnb floats a house down the Thames to celebrate London’s new rental laws

In one of the nicest campaigns I’ve recently seen, Airbnb have just launched a house down the Thames, the river that passes through London’s heart. They did it to celebrate the recent change in London’s rent laws, which will allow citizens to legally share their flats through Airbnb.

Image via Huh Magazine.

When it comes to rent, London is hands down one of the most expensive cities in the world. A small room at the edge of the city can easily go for over $1,000, and naturally, short-term accommodation can also get expensive. Until now, people who temporarily rented their flats risked being fined; with the new changes, they can rent for up to 3 months a year – and what better way to celebrate it than launching a house on the river? Hey, and I’m talking about a real house!

With two bedrooms, a living room, a working bathroom, and even a garden complete with real grass, a doghouse and an apple tree the entire thing weighs 70 tonnes, but remains afloat thanks to clever engineering.

“The Floating House is the ultimate celebration of home sharing and an unforgettable travel experience to bring to the UK,” said James McClure, UK Country Manager of Airbnb. “London is already Airbnb’s third largest city globally and one of the world’s top tourist destinations. With these new, clear rules on home sharing we expect more and more Londoners to open their homes to visitors from across the globe.”

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