Amazing houseboats


Have you ever dreamed of sailing off into the sunset, on your very own boat which is also your holiday (or even permanent, if you’re the adventurous type) residence? If you want something of striking simplicity or a luxurious environment, this collection has something for everybody. The Trilobis 65 is a masterpiece of engineering. Reaching 20 meters in length, the semi-submerged dwelling environment is nonpolluting (!), permitting living in harmony with the ocean surroundings. It’s just a fantastic sample of man’s ingenuity, as it embraces technology that includes high-power composites and nonpolluting hydrogen fuels. Here are some images to help you picture it (the top picture too).



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But having such a residence is not just relaxing and fascinating, it’s also very useful for some people. For example, 20% of Netherlands is underwater, so there is a need of some creative and innovative designs. Here are some examples:


At the other end of the line, if you have a very tight budget but you just won’t give up on your dream houseboat, all you need is a platform and a shelter; and what better way to combine these is there than to use a simple floating surface and a ready-made trailer or mobile home.



If you really want to relax in this way, but can’t afford a permanent residence, go on a cruise! Or if you want more, just try some amazing underwater and ocean-going hotels instead.


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