Girl falls in love with her backpack. We fall in love with her

We all know the lovey-dovey pictures some couples post on Instagram or Facebook – the apparently awesome relationship, all that. Well, one girl decided to take things further – she poke some awesome fun by taking pictures with her new ‘boyfriend’: a pink JanSport backpack.

Day dates are fun!! Met up with JanSport for an iced tea and a stroll in the park. #springinnewyork #JansportDate

Uma foto publicada por Gen Blau (@heresthedoodle) a

As an avid traveler, I love my backpack (which is also a JanSport – they’re not paying us for this, I swear), but so far, we’re just content with being friends. But Genevieve Blau took the relationship to the next level – and I think I just love her for that. The story actually started with a situation that many travelers are familiar with:

“I was going to a nice restaurant and I was wearing this backpack,” Blau tells the Daily Dot. “And I was like, you know what? I’m going to choose to not feel bad about the fact that I’m wearing jeans and a T-shirt going to this fancy Italian restaurant and make this about something fun that I can do while I dine by myself.”


JanSport and I at UCB’s lady jam last night. #Latergram #JansportDate #frontrowbackpack

Uma foto publicada por Gen Blau (@heresthedoodle) a

Then it all turned from innocent fun to a bit more than that – a celebration of our nostalgic possessions – and here, I can completely relate to her:

“Dudes come and go. I have had this backpack for 10 f**king years.”

My backpack is one of my most prized possessions, just for its sentimental value. We’ve been together in all the corners of Europe, high in the mountains and to the seaside. I’m not gonna date my backpack, but I’m sure gonna take him out for a beer!

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