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Means of transportation: ups and downs

I know where I want to go! But how do I get there? Deciding the right means of transportation could make your vacation a whole lot better (or a whole lot worse), so you should take your time in picking it. Here you’ll find a quick guide with the major means of transportation and things that you should take into consideration when choosing. Airplane traveling is one of the most common forms to get to your destination, especially because it’s the fastest way. If your vacation days are not that many and your budget is not very limited, this is the right way. But traveling by plane is nowhere near perfect. The bad thing is that it’s quite expensive (except for the low budget flights) and you don’t get to see any sights. For that reason, it can be quite boring too.

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Traveling by train is in that way the opposite of the airplane; you travel slow, but you have the opportunity to see wonderful sights, which could include lovely sunsets and vast fields. You get to see cities, meet people, make friends, and your experience could be fantastic; it’s also very cheap! But when traveling long distances you would have to spend a night in the train, which some people have a problem against. If you don’t like to meet new people than this is probably not the best thing for you. But if you want to take some great pictures, go for it! Also keep in mind that some trains, such as the Trans-siberian are a real oasis of luxury.

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If you want to travel by car, it’s probably best not to use your own car. That would just add to the stress and limit you in a way; you would not be able to drink, nor be very tired, you would always have to be fresh. How could you party all night when you have to be fresh ?! Also, the train is a better choice than the bus. But still, a car is also very cheap and some people just feel comfortable in the car. Traveling by boat is a totally unique experience; you can’t describe it in words, you can just feel it. Some people love it, some people hate it. There’s no middle way. Other more eccentric things you can should do include flying with a balloon, paragliding, and canoeing. Of course these are not means of transportation themselves, but they should be mentioned as they are loads of fun, and can even be unique experiences. So think about the fact that getting there can be just as fun as what you do there. Don’t cut yourself out of what can be truly a fascinating trip!

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