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Why Eco Tourism is a Bad Vacation Idea


 If you are passionate environmentalist, then maybe a good idea would be to take a great vacation in the wilderness, visit the natural wonders of the world like the Grand Canyon or just have a comforting picnic in a park near you. You are not alone in this, because more and more people like the idea of spending time in an environment free from cars, traffic, and tall buildings. Eco tourism is dedicated to help keep the environment clean but there are some reasons why many think it is wrong.


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1. The Reason Eco tourism is Bad

The main reason Eco tourism is bad in the rural locations is that, although it truly is a better place to be in, with fresher air, healthier environment and stunning sights, it’s best to keep it that way. And if people from the city barge in, the nearby rural environment their sure to produce havoc, by lettering all over the green space, polluting the air with their cars and so on. Not to mention the harm they do to the nearby wild animals, as most people venture into the woods and feed the animals there, especially bears. This is both dangerous for both the animal and human, as a wild critter is always unpredictable.
Anyone that has even been to a recognized part has no doubt see a few pieces of trash in different areas of the location. It makes no difference how smart the park rangers are, the forest is a very large place and can sometimes be too big to find every piece of trash. Trash in the forest is going to make the environment look degraded but it is also very harmful to any living thing that takes up residence in the environment. You should know that any type of plastic is very hard to destroy and it is not going to break down.

This all does have to do with how smart the tourists are when it comes to making the choice to now litter.


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2. Why Eco tourism is Wrong in the first place

The most known reason why eco-tourism is wrong is due to the structures that are made for different eco-tourism tours. Besides the fact that their disturbing the whole natural space, they’re ruining it too. Take the tourist paths in example, that need to be made, for visitor movement. In some of the parks, there are lookout towers that are built in among the tress. These items are going to have a meaning but they are going to unintentionally damage the precious environment. And so on, so on.

Protect the environment

There are a variety of different ways in which eco-tourism can be bad for the environment, and if you want more information there are a variety of different options. First if you have environmental groups in your location that do not want eco-tourism you need to talk to them and see if you can give them any type of information that will help them feel more confident in it. You can also search the Internet for more information, just be aware that opinions differ on this subject. You are sure to find interesting information with the proper research.

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