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10 Tips For Dealing With Airport Security

Since this week is a very special and eventful one, we decided to make up a list of dos and don’ts, so that your flight is as risk free and problem less as possible. Did you ever went to the airport and past over the metal detector and the alarm went off, triggering deafening ringing noise and swarms of security agents around you, all because of some lousy keys? Or lost your flight because security had to check your luggage  twice because it was too heavy or with inappropriate items in it? It happened to me before and I’m sure it happened to a lot of you too. What we’re going to discuss is how to avoid those kinda of things by simple planning ahead, just by following 10 tips on how  to make travel by airline a little easier to handle.


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  1. Pack ahead carefully. Regulations currently allow only 3 ounces or less of lotions, gel or liquid substances to be carried on. And these must be contained in clear plastic bottles and storage Baggies. Larger amounts of liquids will have to be checked-in at the baggage claim or purchased after the flight.
  2. Checked in luggage still must conform to a weight limit of 50 pounds or less. To avoid a long delay at the claims line, weigh your bags ahead of time. Take as much as you can in your carry-on bag.
  3. Get to the airport early. A visit to the airport’s website can keep you informed about potential schedule changes. Usually it’s advisable to get to the airport at least two before your departure.
  4. Obtain the right identification. Certain destinations require visitors to have specific ID. Go online to discover if any ID required apply in your case. This way you’ll have time to apply and receive your identification.
  5. Avoid cumbersome footwear. Almost every airport security station deems it necessary for those boarding to take off their shoes. Purchasing a pair of loafers or slide on shoes before the flight can speed things up further.
  6. Bottoms up. Security refuses passengers from bringing drinks onto the plane. Even drinks purchased in the safe area beyond the checkpoints aren’t safe enough. Be prepared to consume or dispose of your drink before boarding.
  7. If you find the long wait unbearable, you can only imagine what it is like for a small child. Ease their pain by carrying along some entertaining activities for them to play with.
  8. Follow instructions given by airport personnel. The workers at the airport are only doing their job to the best of their ability in order to provide you with a safe flight. Avoid power struggles and just go along with what they tell you.
  9. In special circumstances, bring along a doctor’s note. Passengers are still allowed to bring along medications and infant formula as long as they obtain a note signed by a physician.
  10. Don’t worry, be happy. Life is best when enjoyed. Don’t allow the fear of terrorists or the annoyance of airport security measures to dampen your spirits.

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