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5 Ways to Stay Calm for Frightend Flyers

Great Tips to Stay Calm Flying

Flying can be a real hassle these days. Overbooked flights and overzealous security can turn any short vacation trip like flights to Rome or long haul business trips to the USA into a harrowing adventure. There are some steps you can take to minimize the stress and make the journey smoother. Here are 5 Tips to help create a more pleasurable flying experience.

Book a Direct FlightWhile everyone enjoys saving some cash, the amount that you save when booking multiple flights is often not worth the extra time it takes to arrive at your destination. Ask yourself how much your time is really worth and take a close look at layover and arrival times. Booking direct leaves less chance for missed flights, late flights and cancellations. Spending a little more money and arriving sooner, is often well worth the expense.Consider Your Luggage

If you can get away with only bringing a carry-on, go for it. Oftentimes, any items you will need can be purchased at your arrival destination and you will save time by traveling light. If you must check a bag, make certain to bring any necessary items like medications and identification on board with you. This way, you will not have to worry so much if your luggage gets temporarily displaced or lost completely. Pack an extra bag if you plan on purchasing souvenirs, so you will have room to bring them home.

Take Advantage of Online Check-in

An increasing number of airlines are offering check-in services online. This service will allow you to check-in 24 hours before your flight is set for departure. You can also choose your seating assignment and avoid the long lines that can pile up at the ticket booth.

Stay Hydrated and Get Some Exercise

It is crucial to stay hydrated when you are flying. While drinking plenty of water will result in more frequent trips to the bathroom, these can be seen as a form of exercise. Getting up to stretch and learning some in-seat stretches can help avoid medical problem such as deep vein thrombosis. Frequent travelers and those on long flights should take extra care to ensure that they get up from their seats and stretch every two hours.

Anticipate Delays

Delayed flights are common, so it helps to bring some entertainment and snacks to keep yourself busy and satiated. Make certain any electronics you are bringing are powered up, so you can use them in case of a delay.

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