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    It’s amazing all these structures, I guess it makes you hope you got a car worthy of making it. Government wake up, lose UAW, let the other countries build for you. Your, OUR, military? What is going on? We are hurting. Wake up government,the things killing us 1) illegal imagination 2} Robots 3}cumputer, pay paperless, say good bye my post office,. WAKE UP GOVERNMENT, now the only thing left, U GOVERNMENT NEED A CASH CROP, Cannabis = a devil, but government we are fighting a devil, if government U R wise, U will feel me, you need something for nothing. Well Bush God bless You,and sir I think you have heard from me and Welcome Obboma, Sir please watch my shores, Babylon is that great city , New York , ya who ever reads this, get it to Bush

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    I live 10 miles froms the Chesapeake bridge on Virginia’s eastern shore. It does not connect Maryland to Virginia at all. It connects virginia’s eastern shore Virginia Beach. Before it was constructed in 1964 (not 1952) folks on the eastern shore would have to take the ferry to reach Norfolk VA. Also 11 men died while constructing this bridge. A crane was also lost when a hurricane pasted through the area. The crane remains in the water and is a popular local fishing spot now. You gotta do your research before you publish a piece about something you know nothing about.

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