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The Future of Travel: 8 Awesome Sci-Fi Concept Ships

The future has been dissected, discussed and often anticipated in various Sci-Fi works released along the years, by such authors like Isaac Asimov, Philip K. Dick or Robert Heinlein. However, the limits of normal travel have remained the same for decades, although machinery and tech have improved adjacent factors like comfort or speed. The skies are still the limit for must of us, unless you’re astronauts of course. So, what innovation technology will bring in the future, so that mankind can exceed the primordial limits and push things a little bit further? With this in mind, we’ve analyzed a few awesome concepts from various comics and graphic sketches.


Talented game designer, Nicolas Bouvier, has now become famous for his well crafted sci-fi sketches, most of which depicting space scenery and marvelous ship concepts. Check out more of Nicolas’ concepts here.

The ocean deeps are still an enigma for a lot of scientists, with thousands, maybe millions, of potential undiscovered new species of marine life. This aquatic vehicle could be used for archeology, research, exploration and, why not, travel. Jeffrey Turley, the artist, works down at Walt Disney Animation Studios, and according to him he turns up with work like this on a regular basis, just to keep his art fresh. More of Turley’s work.


Seemingly like a scene from well animated anime flick, David Levy’s design impresses through unconventionality and imagination. The concept of space pirate ships have long been applied, but this is just awesome! More of Levy’s work.


Designed by the very young, 23-year old artist, Ben Mauro, this intriguing concept tries to paint a scene on how future foreign world exploration will look like. See more of Mauro’s work.


This is a great representation of future space cargo ship. Its main purpose would be to deliver goods from corner of the galaxy to the other. Concept by Michal Jelinek. More of his work here.


This weird, clover shaped spacecraft has been designed by artist Joel Carlo Aymat as a simple space carrier for people, wanting to go from point A to point B at light speed. “It’d be like the Toyota FT-HS of space travel!” said Aymat, about his contraption. More of Aymat’s work.


A big fan of pre-WWII aircraft design, artist Jake Parker designed this pretty cool sketch of a very powerful byplane, docking on a floating island. That’s Peter Pan material for ya. More of Parker’s work.


This frightening concept depicts the war machine of the future. Inspired by Hollywood flicks Terminator and Aliens, Swedish designer Theodor Waern sketched a really well inspired death bringer. Dubbed the “Ferro,” Waern’s war machine is equipped with weapons and can carry up to eight passengers and a pilot. More of Waern’s work.

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