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Tips to live like a local in Berlin

‘Buy the ticket, take the ride.’

Hunter S. Thompson

Living like a local  can mean lots of things, from simply going unnoticed whenever exploring the attractions a city can offer to really fitting in the cultural customs and demands of the people who actually live there. But this almost abusing use of the term makes its extensional meaning vanish, when actually there’s a lot more to it than simply fitting in. The true cultural experience a traveler is exposed to can be exploited to its fullest extent only by adapting, for as long as living in some place new, to the social self he/she would be if permanently living there. This whole thing isn’t about not standing out as a tourist, it’s about not being a tourist at all, but a very flexible traveler.

One of the first things you should be very considerate about is the location. It’s, perhaps, the first thing I would take into account when deciding to live a city experience. And this would first mean to be where all the things happen, close to all the possible events that I’d like attending and the places I would love to see. It’s as easy as this. Especially if you’re traveling with business, rent a holiday apartment! Berlin has lots of amazing offers, not in terms of pricing – where yes, it’s a little bit spicy – but on matters of services. They’re great. Your first option should be The Circus Apartments. The center is twenty minutes from everywhere you’d possibly like to go in Berlin, plus it’s very close not to one, but to two metro stations, which makes it even easier to go wherever. The fully equipped flat is not only very central, but also technology-friendly. Your room’s god an iPad to help you keep in touch, not to mention wireless connection. Also, the staff’s not only perfectly fulfilling all the services they should, but they’re also very friendly and eager to help. The very good English of the staff goes without mentioning. And, of course, living in a residential neighborhood means having a nice and quiet time, a splendid pause from the city rush, one of the best places you’ll see in the European capitals.

I was saying that the apartments are very close to two metro station. And this is because German public transport is as good as it gets. It’s tech-friendly too, always on time, never too crowded. Plus, there’s an iOS application guiding you from any point of the city to another, so there’s no chance in missing your stations at all. Even the locals use it for the less popular stations. Plus, if your stay is long enough you can get a month pass and rest assured. And if your time here is going to be fool and there won’t be any room for exercising, you can rent a bike. The best service comes from Fat Tire Bike, which offers different types of passes, according to your needs. You can even get to choose the type of pedal you like most and have special (but paid) accessories to it.

Eat like a local! The best restaurant in town is Maximilian’s. It’s the business, classy type of place, with every single traditional dish, the place where there’s nothing that could go wrong in terms of cuisine. Clearly premium, the place is somehow elegant, but not snobish and pretentious. Plus, in terms of food and beverage diversity, it can easily strike you as a perfect American top restaurant (except, of course, for the traditional food): a list of every cultural aroma, taste or flavor that you can have at any hour. Currywurst is something you can’t miss even if you’re only eating once in Berlin. It’s the tastiest thing they’ve got, and you won’t find its flavor anywhere else (not even in Germany). Staple fastfood it’s a fried and cut up steamed saussage that goes great with ketch up and curry powder and is served in a roll.

Must Sees:

Brandenburg Gate. It’s a neoclassical triumphal arch, which formerly served as a proper city gate. It’s located in the western part of the city, and you can there by bike as well as using the metro, probably the best known monument in the city.

Jewish Museum and Holocaust Memorial are the second most important and iconic places you clearly shouldn’t miss visiting in Berlin. Whenever you’ve got some time for highly relevant historical culture, you should come here. Another thing you should do whenever you’ve decided to take a day off and just visit Berlin, is see the Old National Gallery as well as any other art gallery in the city. The capital’s got a great international name for being an exuberant, vibrant art scene with 24/7 access to different artistic displays.

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