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Underground restaurants which were initially popular in Latin America are popping up all over the United States. These eating establishments are operated outside of the constraints of the mainstream hustle and bustle by people who love food and more importantly love to experiment with food. Generally, the locations are top secret and passed on through word-of-mouth, however for tourists looking to join in this hush – hush trend, here are 6 of the best underground dining clubs that also have an online presence so you can get your invitation!

Cloak and Dinner

This exclusive underground supper scene creates dishes inspired by the Art world. Prepared to be amazed as you tuck into a Jackson Pollack inspired garlic bread/pizza or admire the presentation of the Monet’s Water Lily Oxtail Consommé, other dishes are inspired by Picasso and Chihuly. You will eat outside overlooking the City of Angels so don’t forget your camera! The meal includes two cocktails (with the option for you to bring your own liquor of choice) and five courses for approximately $50 per person. Generally, they can seat 10 people and have two seating times, so you can choose when you want to eat. Each meal takes approximately two hours. To sign up, visit www.cloakanddinner.com, schedule a reservation and cross your fingers that they draw your number.

The Ghetto Gourmet

The creators of the Ghetto Gourmet were one of the first to start of the social dining experience with random locations in LA. Foodies from all over the world who share a love of good cuisine and eclectic conversation look up this joint after hearing about it through friends and fellow travellers. Enjoy the evening in a gypsy style setting with pillow seats on the floor; you can bring your own! The food is meat, meat, meat cooked with experimental flavours, they change up the dishes every night so be sure to join in more than once. Visit www.theghet.com to browse the upcoming menus and to reserve a seat.

On the Lamb

Run by three very cool women who love food and enjoy tempting visitor’s taste buds, On the Lamb offer a unique pop up supper club held in obscure locations around Los Angeles. The best thing about this club is that they create a beautifully decorated theme at every location so you never know what you’ll walk into. This club is invitation only so you can mingle with like-minded people who, just like you, are looking for a touch of something creative. They also create private services including breakfast in bed, picnic basket meals and cater at film screenings. Learn more at www.onthelambfb.com.

Chicks With Knives

Chicks with Knives is run by two chefs who are graduates of the California Culinary Academy. Passionate about food, where it comes from and how it’s prepared is emphasized at their dinner parties which incorporate local seasonal food. They host their parties at local culinary institutes and homes throughout LA, for a snoop through their exciting menus Visit www.chickswithknives.com and learn about their next dinner is held.

Taste of Pace

Run by professional caterers, cooks and cooking teachers, Taste of Pace hosts monthly underground dinner parties. They use seasonal ingredients from Farmer’s Markets to construct decadent and unique meals for your enjoyment. They host the meals in friends’ homes and hidden art galleries. You’ll enjoy three course meals and a complimentary cocktail while listening to local musicians play. Visitwww.tasteofpace.com for a truly rich and cultural dining experience.


pHeast is an underground supper club that serves up Michelin style cuisine. Guests can enjoy delicious meals and spiced drinks and you have to try their tasty multifaceted dessert made up of decadent ingredients like Strawberry, elderflower, pistachio and rose! Eat up whilst enjoying the melodious sounds of a live DJ. The creators update rustic recipes to make them more interesting for the contemporary diner. Visit thepheast.tumblr.com for more information and to register for the next meal, a seven-course Valentine’s Day “pHeast” serving 15 lucky guests for only $75 per person.

Whatever your taste, the underground dining scene is ready to explode in an enigmatic manner of course! Take a ‘eat’ on the wild side! Book a flight; find a, cheap hotel in Los Angeles you’ll have all the more $$$ for food and sign up for the greatest thing since sliced bread!

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