We’re Back – With More Ideas and Travel Tips

It’s been a long time since we posted here – too long! This summer was just so incredibly busy, we barely hard any time to travel – let along blog about it. But that won’t happen from now on. We’ll be keeping on a regular posting schedule, because there’s just too much we have to share with you guys! So, here’s what you should be expecting from now on.

Epic Destinations


We’ve seen some places, we’ve taken pics and we have the stories. Now it’s time to share them with you, so you can enjoy them just as much! Special mentions for rural UK and Eastern Europe – two rather unexpected places for awesome trips that will definitely surprise you.

Travel Tips

We’ve went through the hassle so you won’t have to! Visit virtually any city for less than $25 a day? Easy! Buy actual souvenirs and avoid tourist traps? Sure thing! Enjoy delicious local cuisine? Yes please! I would have loved to know these things before I started traveling, and hopefully, it will help you too.



Every place has its own story, and we have lots of stories. If you want a more in-depth review of our travels, if you want to laugh and learn or simply if you want to know the kind of things that you can encounter in your travels, you’ll love these.

Photography, Architecture, Destionations

We won’t write just about the places we’ve been and the stuff we’ve seen – we’ll also present some of the stuff we want to see: eyecandy and plans.

So, I apologize again for the recent lack of content, but now, we’re all set. Hope you’ll bear with us and enjoy many more years of traveling!


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