Caribbean Islands

List of Caribbean islands - Wikipedia List of Caribbean islands From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia   (Redirected from Caribbean islands) Jump to navigation Jump to search This article needs additional citations for verification. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed.Find sources: "List of Caribbean islands" – news · newspapers · books · scholar · JSTOR (August 2017) (Learn how and when to remove this template message)A list of islands in the Caribbean Sea, in alphabetical order by country of ownership and/or those with full independence and autonomy. Contents 1 Antigua and Barbuda 2 Barbados 3 Colombia 3.1 Bolívar Department 3.2 Córdoba Department 3.3 Magdalena Department 3.4 San Andrés and Providencia Department 3.5 Sucre Department 4 Cuba 5 Dominica 6 Dominican Republic 7 France 7.1 Guadeloupe 7.2 Martinique 7.3 Saint Barthélemy 7.4 Saint Martin (France) 8 Grenada 9 Guyana 10 Haiti 11 Honduras 12 Jamaica 13 Kingdom of the Netherlands 13.1 Aruba 13.2 Curaçao 13.3 Caribbean Netherlands 13.4 Sint Maarten 14 Nicaragua 15 Panama 16 Saint Kitts and Nevis 17 Saint Lucia 18 Saint Vincent and the Grenadines 19 Trinidad and Tobago 20 United Kingdom 20.1 Anguilla 20.2 British Virgin Islands 20.3 Cayman Islands 20.4 Montserrat 21 United States 21.1 Puerto Rico 21.2 United States Virgin Islands 22 Lucayan Archipelago 22.1 The Bahamas 22.2 Turks and Caicos Islands 23 See also 24 References Antigua and Barbuda[edit] AntiguaBarbudaRedonda Antigua and Barbuda Antigua17°5′0″N 61°48′0″W / 17.08333°N 61.80000°W / 17.08333; -61.80000 NEMMA reserve[1]Prickly Pear Island17°10′33″N 61°47′53″W / 17.17583°N 61.79806°W / 17.17583; -61.79806 Great Bird Island17°8′46″N 61°43′31″W / 17.14611°N 61.72528°W / 17.14611; -61.72528 Galley Island Major17°08′35.5″N 61°43′37.5″W / 17.143194°N 61.727083°W / 17.143194; -61.727083 Galley Island Minor Jenny Island Exchange Island17°08′11″N 61°43′23″W / 17.13639°N 61.72306°W / 17.13639; -61.72306 Rabbit Island17°8′10″N 61°43′52″W / 17.13611°N 61.73111°W / 17.13611; -61.73111 Lobster Island17°8′1″N 61°43′47″W / 17.13361°N 61.72972°W / 17.13361; -61.72972 Long Island17°9′19″N 61°45′14″W / 17.15528°N 61.75389°W / 17.15528; -61.75389 Maiden Island17°8′44″N 61°45′48″W / 17.14556°N 61.76333°W / 17.14556; -61.76333 Rat Island17°7′44″N 61°46′11″W / 17.12889°N 61.76972°W / 17.12889; -61.76972 Little Bird Island17°09′27″N 61°44′17″W / 17.15750°N 61.73806°W / 17.15750; -61.73806 Hells Gate Island17°8′26″N 61°43′18″W / 17.14056°N 61.72167°W / 17.14056; -61.72167 Monocle Point Island Red Head Island17°8′16″N 61°43′41″W / 17.13778°N 61.72806°W / 17.13778; -61.72806 Guiana Island17°7′26″N 61°43′57″W / 17.12389°N 61.73250°W / 17.12389; -61.73250 Crump Island17°6′32″N 61°43′8″W / 17.10889°N 61.71889°W / 17.10889; -61.71889 Nanny Island (Henry Island)17°04′05″N 61°41′26″W / 17.06806°N 61.69056°W / 17.06806; -61.69056 Laviscounts Island17°5′57″N 61°43′24″W / 17.09917°N 61.72333°W / 17.09917; -61.72333 Bird Island17°4′45″N 61°40′20″W / 17.07917°N 61.67222°W / 17.07917; -61.67222 Round Island Hawes Island17°6′46″N 61°43′40″W / 17.11278°N 61.72778°W / 17.11278; -61.72778 Little Island Green Island17°4′11″N 61°39′58″W / 17.06972°N 61.66611°W / 17.06972; -61.66611 Pelican Island17°06′21″N 61°42′17″W / 17.10583°N 61.70472°W / 17.10583; -61.70472 York Island17°3′11″N 61°40′9″W / 17.05306°N 61.66917°W / 17.05306; -61.66917 Codrington Island17°6′9″N 61°42′21″W / 17.10250°N 61.70583°W / 17.10250; -61.70583 Blake Island17°0′52″N 61°46′58″W / 17.01444°N 61.78278°W / 17.01444; -61.78278 Cinnamon Island17°7′21″N 61°47′9″W / 17.12250°N 61.78583°W / 17.12250; -61.78583 Five Islands17°04′50″N 61°54′50″W / 17.08056°N 61.91389°W / 17.08056; -61.91389 Hawksbill Rock17°6′43″N 61°54′8″W / 17.11194°N 61.90222°W / 17.11194; -61.90222 Johnson Island17°01′31″N 61°53′28″W / 17.02528°N 61.89111°W / 17.02528; -61.89111 Maiden Island17°5′44″N 61°53′14″W / 17.09556°N 61.88722°W / 17.09556; -61.88722 Moor Rock17°09′49″N 61°45′27.0″W / 17.16361°N 61.757500°W / 17.16361; -61.757500 Mouse Island17°07′42.0″N 61°46′13″W / 17.128333°N 61.77028°W / 17.128333; -61.77028 Neck of Land17°03′40″N 61°40′29″W / 17.06111°N 61.67472°W / 17.06111; -61.67472 Sandy Island17°8′4″N 61°55′36″W / 17.13444°N 61.92667°W / 17.13444; -61.92667 Smith Island17°2′27″N 61°40′48″W / 17.04083°N 61.68000°W / 17.04083; -61.68000 The Sisters17°9′39″N 61°52′6″W / 17.16083°N 61.86833°W / 17.16083; -61.86833 Vernon’s Island17°6′51″N 61°46′8″W / 17.11417°N 61.76889°W / 17.11417; -61.76889 Wicked Will Island17°02′53.5″N 61°40′19.5″W / 17.048194°N 61.672083°W / 17.048194; -61.672083Barbuda17°37′0″N 61°48′0″W / 17.61667°N 61.80000°W / 17.61667; -61.80000 Goat Island17°42′20″N 61°50′49″W / 17.70556°N 61.84694°W / 17.70556; -61.84694 Kid Island17°41′47″N 61°48′52″W / 17.69639°N 61.81444°W / 17.69639; -61.81444 Man of War Island17°40′5″N 61°51′5″W / 17.66806°N 61.85139°W / 17.66806; -61.85139 Rabbit Island17°42′23″N 61°49′36″W / 17.70639°N 61.82667°W / 17.70639; -61.82667Redonda16°56′20″N 62°20′30″W / 16.93889°N 62.34167°W / 16.93889; -62.34167 Barbados[edit] Barbados - island Culpepper Island Pelican Island (Barbados) (now absorbed into Barbados)Colombia[edit] See also: Category:Islands of Colombia Bolívar Department[edit] Rosario Islands Isla Grande Isla Marina Isla de Roberto Isla Rosario Isla del Tesoro Fuerte Island Tierra Bomba Island Córdoba Department[edit] Tortuguilla IslandMagdalena Department[edit] Isla de SalamancaSan Andrés and Providencia Department[edit] Acuario Cay (also known as Rose Cay) Alice Shoal Bajo Nuevo Bank Bayley Islet Basalt Islet Brothers Cay Crab Cay Cayos de Albuquerque North Cay South Cay Córdoba Cay (also known as Haynes Cay) Easy Cay Grunt Cay Cayos de Este Sudeste Bolívar Cay (also known as Courtown or West Cay) East Cay Palm Cay Isla de Providencia Quita Sueño Bank Rocky Cay Roncador Bank Roncador Cay San Andrés Island Santa Catalina Island Santander Cay (also known as Cotton Cay) Serrana Bank Serranilla Bank Sucre Islet (also known as Johnny Cay) Sucre Department[edit] Bóqueron Island Cabruna Island Ceycén Island Mangle Island Maravilla Island Múcura Island Palma Island Panda Island Santa Cruz del Islote Tintipán Island Cuba[edit] Main article: List of islands of Cuba Cuba - largest island Canarreos Archipelago Isla de la Juventud Ernst Thälmann Island (formerly Cayo Blancos del Sur) Cayo Largo del Sur Cayo Ines de Soto Colorados Archipelago Cayo Levisa Cayo Punta Arenas Cayo Buenavista Cayo Santa María Jardines del Rey Cayo Guillermo Cayo Coco Cayo Esquivel Cayo Romano Cayo Guajaba Cayo Sabinal Cayo Saetía Jardines de la Reina Sabana-Camagüey Archipelago Cayo Cruz del Padre Cayo Fragoso Dominica[edit] Bird Island (Ile Des Aves)- in dispute with Venezuela DominicaDominican Republic[edit] Not an Island. however, it shares the eastern part of the island of Hispaniola Catalina Island Beata Island Alto Velo Island Catalinita Island Cayo Levantado Island (Barcelo Island) Cabritos Island Barbarita Island Saona Island Silver Bank Navidad Bank Islita Island La Matica Island France[edit] Guadeloupe[edit] Main article: Guadeloupe Baleine du Sud (Îles de la Petite Terre) Basse-Terre Grand Îlet Grand Îlet (Îles des Saintes) Grande-Terre Îlet à Cabrit (Îles des Saintes) Îlet à Caret Îlet à Christophe (Guadeloupe island) Îlet à Colas (Guadeloupe island) Îlet à Fajou (Guadeloupe island) Îlet à Kahouanne (Guadeloupe island) Îlet Blanc (Guadeloupe island) Îlet Boissard (Guadeloupe island) Îlet Brument (Guadeloupe island) Îlet Crabière (Guadeloupe island) Îlet de Terre-de-Bas (Îles de la Petite Terre, la Désirade) Îlet de Terre-de-Haut (Îles de la Petite Terre,la Désirade) Îlet de Vieux Fort (Marie-Galante) Îlet du Gosier (Guadeloupe island) Îlet Duberran (Guadeloupe island) Îlet Feuille (Guadeloupe island) Îlet Fortune (Guadeloupe island) Îlet Frégate de Haut (Guadeloupe island) Îlet Macou (Guadeloupe island) Îlet Mangue à Laurette (Guadeloupe island) Îlets de Carénage (Guadeloupe island) Îlets de Pigeon (Guadeloupe island) La Biche (Guadeloupe island) La Coche (Îles des Saintes) La Désirade La Redonde (Îles des Saintes) Le Pâté (Îles des Saintes) Les Augustins (Îles des Saintes) Marie-Galante Terre-de-Bas (Îles des Saintes) Terre-de-Haut (Îles des Saintes) Tête à l'Anglais (Guadeloupe island) Martinique[edit] Bats Island Bonchard Cay Pinsonelle Diamond Rock Dupre Island Gros Ilet Grotte Rock Ile Chancel Ile Petite Grenade Ilet A Eau Ilet A Ramiers Ilet A Tois Roux Ilet Au Rat Ilet Aubin Ilet Baude Ilet Boisseau Ilet Cabrits Ilet Chevalier Ilet De La Rose Ilet Des Chardons Ilet Du Galion Ilet Duchamp Ilet Duquesnay Ilet Fregate Ilet Hardy Ilet La Perle Ilet Lapin Ilet Lavigne Ilet Lezard Ilet Long Ilet Madame Ilet Metrente Ilet Oscar Ilet Pele Ilet Petit Piton Ilet Petit Vincent Ilet Petite Martinique Ilet Ragot Ilet Ramville Ilet Sainte-Marie Ilet Tartane Ilet Thiery Ilets Aux Chiens Les Trois Ilets Martinique Petit Ilet Petit Ilet Duprey Sugarloaf Rock Table Au Diable Trou Terre Island Saint Barthélemy[edit] Saint Barthélemy (also Saint Barts) Île Boulanger Île Chevreau Île Coco Île du Pain de sucre Île Fourche / Île Fourchue Île Frégate Île Mancel Île Pelé Îles des Grenadins Île Toc Vers Roche le Boeuf Roche Plate[2] Saint Martin (France)[edit] Northern part of the island of Saint Martin Caye Verte Crowl Rock Grand Îlet Petite Clef Pinel Rocher de l'Anse Marcel Tintamarre[2] Grenada[edit] Calivigny Island Carriacou Diamond Island Fota Island Frigate Island Glover's Island Green Island Grenada Hog Island Hope Island Jack Adam Island Large Island Les Tantes Levera Island Mabouya Island Marquis Island Mushroom Island Pearls Rock Petite Dominique Petite Martinique Ramier Island Redoda Ronde Island Saline Island Sandy Island Soubisse Island Sugar Loaf Island The Sisters White Island Guyana[edit] Haiti[edit] Main article: List of islands of Haiti Western part of the island of Hispaniola Cacique Isle Gonâve Island Ile Petite Gonâve Ile Saint Louis Ilet du Fort Ile Boyer Grande and Petite Cayemites Grande Caye (La Grande Caye) Île de Anacaona Ile du Nord (Ti Teal) Ile du Phare (Lighthouse Island) Ile du Sud Grosse Caye (Île Grosse Caye) Île-à-Vache Ilet Limbe Ilet Remy Ile Permantois Ile Corny Ilet Moustique Caye Ramier La Trompeuse Ile Picoulet Caye de l'Est Ile a Cabrits Petite Caye Tortuga Caye Baice Caye Orange Ilet Bayau Navassa Island (disputed) Honduras[edit] See also: List of islands of Honduras Guanaja Roatan Hog Islands Swan Islands Útila Misteriosa Bank Rosario Bank Jamaica[edit] Bare Bush Cay Big Half-Moon Cay Big Pelican Cay Big Portland Cay Blake Cay Blower Rock Bogue Islands Bolt Cay Booby Cay - Negril Booby Cay - Pedro Cays Booby Cay - Pedro Cays Booby Cay - Morant Cays Bush Cay Bushy Cay Cabarita Island Careening Cay Christmas Island Dolphin Island Drunken Man's Cay East Crall Emerald Island Fort Cay Gordon Cay Great Goat Island Green Cay Green Island Gun Cay Hogsty Cay Kingston Sandals Cay Lilyroot Cay Lime Cay Little Goat Island Little Half-Moon Cay Little Pelican Cay Little Portland Cay Long Island Maiden Cay Man O' War Cays Mango Cay Mid Crall Middle Cay Monkey Island Morant Cays Navy Island Needles Northeast Cay - Morant Cays Northeast Cay - Pedro Cays One Tree Island Pedro Cays Pelican Cay Pellew Island Pigeon Island Portland Rock Rackhams Cay Refuge Cay Rocky Cay Salt Island Sandbank Cay Santamaria Island Sapphire Island Short Island South Cay Southeast Cay - Port Royal Cays Southeast Cay - Morant Cays Southwest Cay - Pedro Cays Southwest Rock Tern Cay West Crall Woods Island Spanish town Manchester Mandeville Ocho Rios Montego Bay Kingdom of the Netherlands[edit] Aruba[edit] Aruba Indiaanskop Key Cay Long Cay Renaissance Island Curaçao[edit] Curaçao Klein Curaçao PensoCaribbean Netherlands[edit] Bonaire - Main island Camia Cow and Calf Green Island Guana Cay Hen and Chicken Isla Makuka Kadoesji Klein Bonaire Little Island Little Key Mal Aborder Meeuwtje Mollibeday Rots Pelican Island Rancho Saba - Main island Sint Eustatius - Main island Sapate Eiland Willemberg Sint Maarten[edit] Southern part of the island of Saint Martin Mona IslandNicaragua[edit] Corn Island Little Corn Island Miskito Cays Pearl Cays Calala Island Panama[edit] Saint Kitts and Nevis[edit] Booby Island Crokus Cay Dalzel Island Dodan Island Dulcina Island East Cay Eden Island Fahie Island Friars Bay Gardner Island Garvey Island Golden Cay Jessop Island Maddens Meves Island Nevis Otters Island Saint Kitts (Saint Christopher) Sugar Loaf Vambelle Island Saint Lucia[edit] Bouche Island Choc Island Dennery Island Des Bateaux Island Fourer Island Fous Island Fregate Island Gros Island Lapins Island Maria Islands Pigeon Island Praslin Island Rat Island Rouche Island Saint Lucia Scorpion Island Saint Vincent and the Grenadines[edit] All Awash Island Baliceaux Island Brooks RocksBullet Cay Bequia Cactus Cay Canouan Baleine Canouan Island Catholic Island Chateaubelair Island Church Cay Cow And Calves Islands Dike Island Double Rock Dove Cay Dove Island Duvernette Islet Ellen Rock Frigate Island Isle a Quatre L'Islot Mayreau Middle Cay Milligan Cay Mopion Islet Mustique Palm Island Pelican Cay Petit Cannouan Petit Cay Petit Mustique Petit Nevis Petit Saint Vincent Petit Tabac Pigeon Island Pillories Punaise Rabbit Island Red Island Saint Elairs Cay Saint Vincent Sand Cay Savan Island Semplars Cay Tobago CaysPetit Rameau Petit Bateau Petit Tabac Jamesby BaradalSyrup Cay Union Island West Cay Wilks Island Young Island Trinidad and Tobago[edit] Main article: Islands of Caledonia Island Chacachacare Craig Island (Craig and Caledonia are joined by a narrow causeway) Cronstadt Island (Kronstadt) Carrera Island Faralon (Flat Rock), off San Fernando Harbour Gaspar Grande (Gasparee) Gasparillo (Little Gasparee or Centipede Island) Huevos Lenagan Island Little Tobago (Bird of Paradise Island) Monos Nelson Island Pelican Island St. Giles Island Saut d'Eau Goat Island Sisters' Rock Soldado Rock Tobago Trinidad United Kingdom[edit] Anguilla[edit] Anguillita Dog Island East Cay Little Island Little Scrub Island Mid Cay North Cay Prickly Pear Cays Rabbit Island Sandy Island Scilly Cay Scrub Island Seal Island Sombrero (also known as Hat Island) Cayo Sur South Weneger Island West Cay British Virgin Islands[edit] Anegada Beef Island Bellamy Cay Broken Jerusalem Buck Island (British Virgin Islands) Carvel Rock Cockroach Island Cooper Island Dead Chest East Seal Dog Island Eustatia Island Fallen Jerusalem Island Frenchman's Cay George Dog Island Ginger Island Great Camanoe Great Dog Island Great Thatch Great Tobago Island Green Cay Guana Island Jost Van Dyke Little Camanoe Little Jost Van Dyke Little Seal Dog Island Little Thatch British Virgin Islands Marina Cay Mosquito Island Nanny Cay Necker Island Norman Island Pelican Island Peter Island Prickly Pear Island Red Rock Round Rock Saba Rock Salt Island Sandy Cay Sandy Spit Scrub Island Tortola - largest island The Indians Virgin Gorda West Dog Island Whale Rocks Cayman Islands[edit] Cayman Brac Little Cayman Brac First Cay Grand Cayman Barkers Cay Booby Cay Duck Pond Cay Finger Cay (now absorbed into Grand Cayman) Sand Cay Water Cay (now absorbed into Grand Cayman) Little Cayman Owen Island Montserrat[edit] Montserrat - Largest island Little Redonda and Virgin Statue Rock Redonda United States[edit] Navassa Island (disputed) Serranilla Bank (disputed) Bajo Nuevo Bank (disputed)Puerto Rico[edit] Main article: List of islands of Puerto Rico Alcarraza Bajo Evelyn Cabeza de Perro Cayo Ahogado Cayo Alfenique Cayo Algodones Cayo Arenas Cayo Ballena Cayo Batata Cayo Bayo Cayo Berberia Cayo Botella Cayo Cabritas Cayo Caracoles Cayo Caribe Cayo Chiva Cayo Collado Cayo Corral Cayo Diablo Cayo Don Luis Cayo Enrique Cayo Fanduca Cayo Icacos Cayo Jalova Cayo Jalovita Cayo Largo Cayo Lobito Cayo Lobo Cayo Lobos Cayo Maria Langa Cayo Mata - Guayanilla municipality Cayo Mata - Salinas municipality Cayo Mata Seca Cayo Matojo Cayo Morrillo Cayo Norte Cayo Palomas Cayo Parguera Cayo Pinerito Cayo Pirata Cayo Puerca Cayo Raton Cayo Ratones - Fajardo municipality Cayo Real Cayo Rio Cayo Santiago Cayo Sombrerito Cayo Terremoto Cayo Tiburon Cayo Verde Cayo Vieques Cayo Yerba Cayo Luis Peña Cayo de Tierra Cayo del Agua Cayos Cabezazos Cayos Caribes Cayos de Barca Cayos de Caña Gorda Cayos de Caracoles Cayos de Pajaros Cayos de Ratones Cayos Geniqui El Ancon El Mono Caja de Muertos Isla Culebrita Isla de Cardona Isla de Culebra Isla del Erio Isla Cabras Isla Chiva Isla Cueva Isla de Cerro Gordo Isla de Cabras Isla de las Palomas Isla de Ramos Isla Desecheo - Mayagüez municipality Isla Guachinanga Isla Guayacan Isla La Cancora Isla Magueyes Isla Matei Isla Morrillito Isla Palominitos Isla Piedra Isla Puerca Isla San Juan Isla Yallis Isletas de Garzas Islote de Juan Perez Isla de Mona - Mayagüez municipality Isla de Ratones, Ponce Isla de Ratones (Cabo Rojo municipality) Isla de Vieques Isla Monito - Mayagüez municipality Islote Numero dos Isla Palominos Isla Pineros La Blanquilla La Cordillera Las Cabritas Las Cucarachas Las Hermanas Las Lavanderas del Este Las Lavanderas del Oeste Los Farallones Los Gemelos Los Negritos Mata Redonda Pela Pelaita Penon Brusi Penon de Afuera Penon de San Jorge Piedra Stevens Piedra del Norte Piragua de Adentro Piragua de Afuera Puerto Rico (Boriken Island) Punta Larga Punta Mosquitos Roca Alcatraz Roca Cocinera Roca Cucaracha Roca Culumna Roca Ola Roca Resuello Roca Speck Roca Velasquez Tres Hermanas Tres Hermanos United States Virgin Islands[edit] Barrel of Beef Blinders Rocks Booby Rock Bovoni Cay Buck Island - Saint Croix Buck Island - Saint Thomas Calf Rock Capella Islands Carval Rock or Carvel Rock Cas Cay Cinnamon Cay Cockroach Island Coculus Rock Cololoba Cay Congo Cay Cow Rock Cricket Rock Current Rock Dog Island Dog Rocks Domkirk Rock Dry Rock Durloe Cays Dut Cheap Cay Fish Cay Flanagan Island[3] Flat Cays Gorret Rock Grass Cay Great Saint James Island Green Cay - Saint Croix Green Cay - Saint Thomas Hans Lollik Island Hans Lollik Rock Hassel Island Henley Cay Inner Brass Island Kalkun Cay Leduck Island Limestone Rock Little Hans Lollik Island Harvey Island (Saint Croix) Little Saint James Island Lizard Rocks Lovango Cay Mingo Cay Outer Brass Island Packet Rock Patricia Cay Pelican Cay Perkins Cay Porpoise Rocks Protestant Cay Ramgoat Cay Rata Cay Rotto Cay Rupert Rock Ruth Island Saba Island Saint Croix Saint John Saint Thomas Salt Cay Saltwater Money Rock Sandy Point Rock Savana Island Shark Island Skipper Jacob Rock Steven Cay The Stragglers Sula Cay Thatch Cay Triangle Island Trunk Cay Turtleback Rock Turtledove Cay Two Brothers Water Island Waterlemon Cay Welk Rocks West Cay Whistling Cay Saint Thomas, Saint Croix, Saint John, and Water Island are the main four United States Virgin Islands. The capital, Charlotte Amalie, is on Saint Thomas. Lucayan Archipelago[edit] The following two countries of the Lucayan Archipelago are the portion of the Caribbean islands that do not border the Caribbean Sea. The Commonwealth of the Bahamas and the British Overseas Territory of the Turks and Caicos Islands are located in the North Atlantic Ocean rather than the Caribbean Sea, but they still fall in the Caribbean region. The Bahamas[edit] Main article: List of islands of the Bahamas Abaco Island Abner Cay Acklins Island Adderley Cay Alder Cay Barton Cay Allans Cay Ambergris Cay Anderson Cay Andros Island - largest island Angel Cays Angle and Fish Cay Anguila Islans Anna Cay Arawak Cay Archers Cay Atholl Island Atwood Cay August Cay Back Cay Bamboo Cay Barataria Island Barn Cay Barracuda Island Base Line Cay Beach Cay Beacon Cay Beak Cay Bell Cay Ben Cay Bergkamp Cay Berry Islands Big Bersus Cay Big Carters Cay Big Cave Cay Big Cay Big Crab Cay Big Cross Cay Big Egg Island Big Farmer's Cay Big Fish Cay Big Grand Cay Big Harbour Cay Big Hog Cay Big Jerry Cay Big Joe Downer Cay Big Lake Cay Big Lloyd Cay Big Major's Island Big Pigeon Cay Big Romers Cay Big Thrift Harbour Cay Big Whale Cay Big Wood Cay Billy Cay Bimini Islands Bird Cay Bitter Guana Cay Black Island Bob Cay Bock Cay Bonds Cay Bonefish Cay Booby Cay Bowe Cay Bridges Cay Brigantine Cays Brown Cay Brush Cay Buena Vista Cay Burnside Cay Burroughs Cay Burrow Cay Bursis Cay Cabbage Cay Caeser Cay Calabash Cay Cambridge Cay Carter Cay Cashs Cay Castle Island Cat Island Cat Cay Catch Island Catto Cay Cave Cay Channel Cay Children's Bay Cay Chub Cay Cistern Cay Clem Cay Cluffs Cay Coakley Cay Cockroach Cay Coco Cay Cocoa Plum Cay Comfort Cay Compass Cay Conception Island Conchshell Cay Cook's Cay Cormorant Cay Cornish Cay Cotton Cay Crab Cay Crisby Island Crooked Island Cross Cay Culmer's Cay Cupids Cay Curly Cut Cays Current Island Dalglish Cay Damas Cays Danger Cay Daniels Cay Darby Island Darvill Cay Dead Mens Cays Deadman Cay Devils Cay Diamond Cay Dickies Cay Dilly Cay Dolly's Cay Doomey Cay Double Breasted Cay Double Headed Shot Cays Dove Cay Dry Cay Duck Cay Dufus Cay Dunc Cays East Cay Egg Island Elbow Cay Eleuthera Island Elizabeth Island Exuma Island Factory Cays Falcon Cays Fanny Cay Fernandez Cay Fiddle Cay Fifteen Feet Cay Finley Cay Fish Cay Fish Hawk Cay Fishing Cays Flamingo Cay Flat Cays Foots Cay Fortune Island Fowl Cay Frazer Hog Cay French Cay Frog Cay Frozen Cay Galliot Cay Garden Cay Gaulding Cay Gaulin Cay Geouge Island Gibson Cay Gibson Hog Cay Ginger Cay Glass Cay Goat Cay Gold Cay Golding Cay Goole Cay Gorda Cay (Castaway Cay) Götze Cay Grand Bahama Grand Cay Grand Cays Great Exuma Island Great Guano Cay Great Inagua Island Great Ragged Island Great Sale Cay Great Stirrup Cay Green Cay Green Turtle Cay Griffins Cay Grunt Cay Guana Cay Guanahani Cay Guana Cay Guano Cay Guincho Ginger Cay Guinchos Island Gun Cay Gut Island Haines Cay Halls Pond Cay Halls Islands Harbour Island Harvey Cay Hawksbill Cay Hawksnest Cay Heneagua Island High Cay High Point Cay Highbourne Cay Hoffman Cay Hog Cay Holmes Cay Inagua Island India Cay Iron Cay Ishmael Cay Jack Sparrow Cay Jamaica Cay James Cay Jewfish Cay Joe Cay Joe Creek Island Joe Downer Cays John Downer Cays Johnny's Cay Johnsons Cay Josephs Cay Joulter Cays Jumento Cays Kemp Cay Kits Cay Knife Cay Lanzadera Cay Laudrup Cay Laughing Bird Cay Lee Stocking Island Leonard Cay Levi Island Lightbourn's Cay Lignumvitae Cay Linder Cay Little Abaco Island Little Bell Cay Little Bersus Cay Little Carters Island Little Cat Island Little Cave Cay Little Cay Little Cistern Cay Little Crab Cay Little Darby Island Little Exuma Island Little Farmer's Cay Little Grand Cay Little Guana Cay Little Cuana Cay Little Harbour Cay Little Inagua Island Little Island Little Joe Downer Cay Little Lloyd Cay Little Major's Island Little Nurse Cay Little Petit Cay Little Pimlico Cay Little Ragged Island Little Romers Cay Little Sale Cay Little San Salvador (Half Moon Cay) Little Stirrup Cay Little Walker Cay Little Wax Cay Little Whale Cay Lizard Cay Lobos Cay Lobster Cay Lockhart Cay Loggerhead Cay Lone Pine Cay Long Cay Long Island Lovely Bay Cays Low Cay Low Water Harbour Cay Lower Crisby Cay Lubbers Quarters Cay Lucian Cay Lyford Cay Lynyard Cay Madam Dau's Cay Madeira Cay Major's Island Mamma Rhonda Cay Man Head Cay Man Island Man-O-War Cay Man O' War Cay Mancini Cay Mangrove Cay Mangrove Island Manjack Cay Margaret Cay Mariguana Island Marine Cay Market Fish Cay Mary Cays Mastic Cay Mat Lowe's Cay Mayaguana Maycock Cay Meeks Patch Island Melita Cay Middle Bight Cay Mira Por Vos Islands Money Cay Money Cay Moores Island Moosha Cay Moraine Cay Moriah Harbour Cay Mouth Of Harbou Cay Muertos Cays Nairn Cay New Cay New Providence Newton Cay Noah Bethel Cays Noname Cay Norman Cay Norman's Pond Cay North Andros North Bimini North Cat Cay North Cay North Elbow Cay North Halls Cay Northern Eleuthera Northwest Cay Noss Mangrove Island Nun Jack Cay Nurse Cay Nurse Channel Cay O'Brien Cay Obama Cay Ocean Cay Old Yankee Cay Orange Cay Outer Point Cay Over Yonder Cay Overmars Cay Oyster Cay Paradise Island Parrot Cays Paw Paw Cay Peace and Plenty Island Pear Cay Pelican Cay Pensacola Cays Perpall's Cay Petit Cay Pierre Island Pigeon Cay Pimlico Cays Pimlico Island Pine Cay Pine Tree Cay Pineapple Cays Pipe Cay Pirate Island Plana Cays Plum Cays Pot Cay Potter Cay Powell Cay Prime Cay Pumpion Cay Racoon Cay Ragged Island Rainbow Cay Randall's Cay Rat Cay Ratman Cay Red Shank Cay Redknapp Cay Reid Cay Rock Harbour Cays Roker Cay Rose Island Royal Island Rudder Cut Cay Rutter Cut Cay Rum Cay Russell Island Saddle Back Cay Saddle Cay Sailor's Choice Cay Saint Georges Cay Sales Cay Salt Cay Salt Pond Cay Samama Cays Samana Cay Samphire Cay Sampson Cay San Salvador Sand Bank Cays Sanders Island Sandy Cay Sandy Harbour Cay Sapodilla Cay Schooner Cays Scotland Cay Scrub Cays Seal Cay Sheep Cay Ship Channel Cay Shroud Cay Silver Cay Simms Cay Sister Cays Six Shilling Cays Smith Cay Snake Cay Snapper Cay Sneijder Cay Soldier Cay South Bimini South Cat Cay South Cay South Channel Cay South Spot Cay South Mangrove Cays South Stirrup Cay Southeast Cay Southern Cay Spanish Cay Spanish Wells Cay Staniard Cay Staniel Cay Steamer Cay Stocking Island Strachan Cay Stranger Cay Sugar Loaf Cay Tarzan Cay Tear Coat Cay Tee Cay Thatch Cays Jumento Cays Thomas Cay Thompson Cay Tilloo Cay Top Cay Tumar Cay Turner Cay Twin Cays Umbrella Cay Upper Cay Upper Channel Cay Upper Samphier Cay Upper Sandy Harbour Cay Van Persie Cay Victory Cays Vigilant Cay Waderick Wells Cay Walker Cay Water Cay Watling Island Wax Cay Weatherford Cay Well Cay West Cay West Shroud Cay Wet Cay Whale Cay White Bay Cay White Cay William Cay William Island Willis Cay Wilson Cay Wiltshires Cay Windermere Island Wood Cay Woolen Dean Cay Yellow Cay Young Cay Young Deagle Cay Yuma Island Zlatan Cay Turks and Caicos Islands[edit] Main article: List of the Turks and Caicos Islands Bay Cay Belle Isle Big Ambergris Cay Big Cameron Cay Big Sand Cay Bird Island Blue Hills Island Booby Island Breeches Island Bush Cay Conch Cay Dellis Cay Dikish Cay Donna Cay East Caicos East Cay Fish Cays Five Cays Fort George Cay French Cay Gibbs Cay Grand Turk Highas Cay Hog Cay Iguana Cay Joe Grants Cay Little Ambergris Cay Little Water Cay Long Cay Major Hill Cay Mangrove Cay Middle Caicos Middle Creek Cay Middleton Cay North Caicos Parrot Cay Pear Cay Pelican Cay Penniston Cay Pine Cay Plandon Cay Providenciales Sail Rock Island Salt Cay Sand Cay Seal Cays Shot Cay Six Hill Cays South Caicos Stubb Cay The Island Three Mary Cays Water Cay West Caicos West Sand Spit Island White Cay See also[edit] List of Caribbean islands by area List of Caribbean island countries by population List of metropolitan areas in the West IndiesReferences[edit] ^ [1][dead link] ^ a b "Archived copy". Archived from the original on 2008-04-12. Retrieved 2008-01-10.CS1 maint: Archived copy as title (link) ^ "Full text of "Convention on the Conservation and Management of Pollock Resources in the Central Bering Sea (Treaty doc. 103-27) and two treaties with the United Kingdom establishing Caribbean maritime boundaries (Treaty doc. 103-23) : hearing before the Committee on Foreign Relations, United States Senate, One Hundred Third Congress, second session, September 28, 1994"". 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