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List of tallest buildings - Wikipedia List of tallest buildings From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia   (Redirected from Tallest buildings) This is the latest accepted revision, reviewed on 14 June 2019. Jump to navigation Jump to search Wikimedia list article The 828-metre (2,717 ft) tall Burj Khalifa in Dubai has been the tallest building since 2008.[1] The Burj Khalifa has been classified as Megatall.[2] The tallest buildings in 2015 This list of tallest buildings includes skyscrapers with continuously occupiable floors and a height of at least 350 m. Non-building structures, such as towers, are not included in this list (see list of tallest buildings and structures). Historically, the world's tallest man-made structure was the Great Pyramids of Giza in Egypt, which held the position for over 3,800 years until the construction of the Lincoln Cathedral in England in 1311. Until the completion of the Washington Monument in 1884, the world's tallest buildings were churches and cathedrals, Christian places of worship, in Europe. The early skyscraper was pioneered in Chicago, forming the basis for which the United States would hold the position of the world's tallest building for much of the 20th century until 1998, when the Petronas Twin Towers were completed. Since then only two more buildings have held the title: Taipei 101 and Burj Khalifa. Since the beginning of the 21st century, China, the Middle East as well as Southeast Asia have seen a boom in skyscraper construction. Contents 1 Ranking criteria and alternatives 2 Tallest buildings in the world 3 Gallery 4 Alternative measurements 4.1 Height to pinnacle (highest point) 4.2 Height to occupied floor 5 Buildings under construction 6 List by continent 7 See also 8 Notes 9 References 10 External links Ranking criteria and alternatives The international non-profit organization Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat (CTBUH) was formed in 1969 and announces the title of "The World's Tallest Building" and sets the standards by which buildings are measured. It maintains a list of the 100 tallest completed buildings in the world.[3] The organization currently ranks Burj Khalifa in Dubai as the tallest at 828 m (2,717 ft).[3] The CTBUH only recognizes buildings that are complete however, and some buildings included within the lists in this article are not considered finished by the CTBUH. In 1996, as a response to the dispute as to whether the Petronas Towers or the Sears Tower was taller,[4] the council listed and ranked buildings in four categories: height to structural or architectural top; height to floor of highest occupied floor; height to top of roof (removed as category in November 2009);[5] and height to top of any part of the building.Spires are considered integral parts of the architectural design of buildings, changes to which would substantially change the appearance and design of the building, whereas antennas may be added or removed without such consequences. The Petronas Towers, with their spires, are thus ranked higher than the Willis Tower (formerly the Sears Tower) with its antennas, despite the Petronas Towers' lower roofs and lower highest point. Until 1996, the world's tallest building was defined by the height to the top of the tallest architectural element, including spires but not antennae. This led to a rivalry between the Bank of Manhattan Building and the Chrysler Building. The Bank of Manhattan Building (aka 40 Wall Street) employed only a short spire and was 282.5 m (927 ft) tall and had a much higher top occupied floor (the second category in the 1996 criteria for tallest building). In contrast, the Chrysler Building employed a very large 38.1 m (125 ft) spire secretly assembled inside the building to claim the title of world's tallest building with a total height of 318.9 m (1,046 ft), although it had a lower top occupied floor and a shorter height when both buildings' spires were excluded. Upset by Chrysler's victory, Shreve & Lamb, the consulting architects of the Bank of Manhattan Building, wrote a newspaper article claiming that their building was actually the tallest, since it contained the world's highest usable floor, at 255 m (837 ft). They pointed out that the observation deck in the Bank of Manhattan Building was nearly 30 m (98 ft) above the top floor in the Chrysler Building, whose surpassing spire was strictly ornamental and inaccessible.[6]At present, the Burj Khalifa tops the list by some margin, regardless of which criterion is applied.[7][8] Tallest buildings in the world As of 2019[update], this list includes all 64 buildings (completed and architecturally topped out) which reach a height of 350 metres (1,150 ft) or more, as assessed by their highest architectural feature. Of these, 32 (50%) are in China. Six of the last seven buildings to have held the record as 'tallest building' are still found in the list, with the exception being the North Tower of the original World Trade Center at 417 metres (1,368 ft) after its destruction in the September 11 attacks of 2001. If the twin towers were not destroyed and One World Trade Center never built, the WTC towers would rank 28 and 29 on the list today. bold Denotes building that is or was once the tallest in the world Rank Name Image City Country Height[9] Floors Year Notes m ft 1 Burj Khalifa Dubai  United Arab Emirates 828 2,717 163 2010 Currently the tallest building and tallest structure in the world from 2010 onwards; tallest building completed in the 2010s. 2 Shanghai Tower Shanghai  China 632 2,073 128 2015 It is the tallest building in China and in East Asia; tallest twisted building. 3 Abraj Al-Bait Clock Tower Mecca  Saudi Arabia 601 1,971 120 2012 Tallest building with a clock face; second-tallest in the Middle East and tallest in Saudi Arabia. 4 Ping An Finance Center Shenzhen  China 599 1,965 115 2017 Tallest building in Shenzhen and Guangdong Province. Shares the record of the highest observation deck with Shanghai Tower (#2) at 562 m. 5 Goldin Finance 117 Tianjin  China 596.6 1,957 128 2019 Tallest building in China outside of Shanghai and Guangdong province. 6 Lotte World Tower Seoul  South Korea 554.5 1,819 123 2016 Tallest building in South Korea and in Asia outside of China and the Middle East. Tallest building in a nation's capital and in an OECD country. 7 One World Trade Center New York City  United States 541.3 1,776 104 2014 Tallest building in the Western Hemisphere, the United States, and North America. Briefly referred to as the Freedom Tower during its planning stages. Tallest building outside of Asia. 8 Guangzhou CTF Finance Center Guangzhou  China 530 1,739 111 2016 Tallest building in Guangzhou and second tallest in Guangdong province. 9 Tianjin CTF Finance Center Tianjin  China 530 1,739 98 2018 10 China Zun Beijing  China 528 1,732 108 2018 Will become Beijing's tallest building upon completion. 11 Taipei 101 Taipei  Taiwan 508 1,667 101 2004 The world's tallest building from 2004 to 2010. 12 Shanghai World Finance Center Shanghai  China 492 1,614 101 2008 Was the tallest building in China until the completion of the adjacent Shanghai Tower. 13 International Commerce Centre Hong Kong  Hong Kong 484 1,588 118 2010 Tallest building in Hong Kong. 14 Lakhta Center[14] Saint Petersburg  Russia 462 1,516 86 2018 Tallest building in Russia and in Europe. 15 Landmark 81 Ho Chi Minh City  Vietnam 461.2 1,513 81 2018 Tallest building in Vietnam and in Southeast Asia. 16 Changsha IFS Tower T1 Changsha  China 452.1 1,483 88 2017 Tallest building in Changsha. 17 Petronas Tower 1 Kuala Lumpur  Malaysia 451.9 1,483 88 1998 Tallest twin towers in the world; were the world's tallest buildings upon completion in 1998, and the first building since 1908 outside of the United States. Petronas Tower 2 Kuala Lumpur  Malaysia 451.9 1,483 88 1998 17 The Exchange 106 Kuala Lumpur  Malaysia 451.9 1,483 97 2018 Will be the tallest building in Kuala Lumpur along with the Petronas Towers upon completion. 20 Zifeng Tower Nanjing  China 450 1,476 89 2010 Tallest building in Nanjing. Suzhou IFS Suzhou  China 450 1,476 92 2017 Tallest building in Suzhou. 22 Willis Tower (formerly the Sears Tower) Chicago  United States 442.1 1,450 108 1974 Formerly known, and still commonly referred to, as the Sears Tower. It was the tallest building in the world from 1974 until 1998. It is the second tallest building in the Western Hemisphere, and the tallest when measuring by roof height. 23 KK100 Shenzhen  China 442 1,449 100 2011 Second-tallest building in Shenzhen. 24 Guangzhou International Finance Center Guangzhou  China 440 1,440 103 2010 Second-tallest building in Guangzhou. 25 Wuhan Center Wuhan  China 438 1,437 88 2016 Tallest building in Wuhan. 26 432 Park Avenue New York City  United States 425.5 1,396 88 2015 The third-tallest building in the United States and the tallest residential building in the world.[10] It is the second-tallest building in New York City. 27 Marina 101 Dubai  United Arab Emirates 425 1,394 101 2015 Second-tallest building in Dubai. 28 Trump International Hotel and Tower Chicago  United States 423.2 1,388 98 2009 Second tallest building in Chicago. 29 Jin Mao Tower Shanghai  China 421 1,380 88 1999 Third tallest building in Shanghai. 30 Princess Tower Dubai  United Arab Emirates 414 1,358 101 2012 Third tallest building in Dubai. 31 Al Hamra Tower Kuwait City  Kuwait 412.6 1,354 80 2011 Tallest building in Kuwait. 32 International Finance Centre Hong Kong  Hong Kong 412 1,352 88 2003 Second tallest building in Hong Kong, and tallest on Hong Kong Island. 33 Haeundae LCT The Sharp Landmark Tower Busan  South Korea 411.6 1,352 101 2019 Currently under construction, will be the tallest building in Busan upon completion. 34 Nanning China Resources Tower Nanning  China 402.7 1,321 85 2018 Tallest building in Nanning. 35 China Resources Headquarters Shenzhen  China 392.5 1,288 67 2017 Third tallest building in Shenzhen. 36 23 Marina Dubai  United Arab Emirates 392.4 1,287 89 2012 37 CITIC Plaza Guangzhou  China 390.2 1,280 80 1996 Third tallest building in Guangzhou. 38 Shum Yip Upperhills Tower 1 Shenzhen  China 388.1 1,273 80 2017 39 30 Hudson Yards New York City  United States 386.6 1,268 73 2018 Third tallest building in New York City. 40 Capital Market Authority Headquarters Riyadh  Saudi Arabia 385 1,263 77 2016 Second building in Saudi Arabia. 41 Shun Hing Square Shenzhen  China 384 1,260 69 1996 42 Eton Place Dalian Tower 1 Dalian  China 383 1,257 81 2015 Tallest building in Dalian. 43 Logan Century Center 1 Nanning  China 381.3 1,251 82 2017 Second tallest building in Nanning. 44 Burj Mohammed bin Rashid Abu Dhabi  United Arab Emirates 381 1,251 88 2014 Tallest building in Abu Dhabi. 45 Empire State Building New York City  United States 381 1,250 102 1931 Tallest building in the world from 1931 until 1972; tallest man-made structure in the world 1931-1967; first building in the world to contain over 100 floors; tallest building built in the U.S. and the world in the 1930s.[17][18]46 Elite Residence Dubai  United Arab Emirates 381 1,248 87 2012 Fifth tallest building in Dubai. 47 Central Plaza Hong Kong  Hong Kong 373.9 1,226 78 1992 Third tallest building in Hong Kong. 48 Federation Tower (East Tower) Moscow  Russia 373.7 1,226 95 2016 Second tallest building in Russia and in Europe. 49 Dalian International Trade Center Dalian  China 370.2 1,214 86 2018 Second tallest building in Dalian 50 Address Boulevard Dubai  United Arab Emirates 370 1,214 72 2017 51 Golden Eagle Tiandi Tower A Nanjing  China 368.1 1,208 76 2018 Second tallest building in Nanjing. 52 Bank of China Tower Hong Kong  Hong Kong 367 1,205 70 1990 53 Bank of America Tower New York City  United States 365.8 1,200 54 2009 54 Vista Tower Chicago  United States 362.9 1,191 101 2019 55 Almas Tower Dubai  United Arab Emirates 363 1,191 68 2017 56 Hanking Center Shenzhen  China 358.9 1,177 65 2017 57 Gevora Hotel Dubai  United Arab Emirates 356.3 1,169 75 2012 58 JW Marriott Marquis Dubai Tower 1 Dubai  United Arab Emirates 356.3 1,166 82 2012 Tallest twin towers in Dubai and the United Arab Emirates. JW Marriott Marquis Dubai Tower 2 Dubai  United Arab Emirates 355 1,166 82 2012 60 Emirates Office Tower Dubai  United Arab Emirates 355 1,163 54 2000 61 Raffles City Chongqing T3N Chongqing  China 354.5 1,163 79 2018 Tallest buildings in Chongqing; tallest twin towers in China. Raffles City Chongqing T4N Chongqing  China 354.5 1,163 79 2019 63 OKO Tower - South Tower Moscow  Russia 354 1,160 85 2015 Third tallest building in Russia. 64 The Marina Torch Dubai  United Arab Emirates 352 1,155 86 2011 65 Forum 66 Tower 1 Shenyang  China 350.6 1,150 68 2015 Tallest building in Shenyang. 66 The Pinnacle Guangzhou  China 350.3 1,149 60 2012 67 Xi An Glory International Financial Center Xi'an  China 350 1,148 75 2017 Tallest building in Xi'an. Gallery Burj Khalifa in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, is the world's tallest building. Shanghai Tower in Shanghai, China, is the 2nd tallest building. The Abraj Al-Bait Towers in Mecca, Saudi Arabia, is the 3rd tallest building. Ping An Finance Centre in Guangdong, China, is the 4th tallest building. Lotte World Tower in Seoul, South Korea, is the 5th tallest building. One World Trade Center in New York City, United States, is the 6th tallest building and the tallest in the Western Hemisphere. CTF Finance Centre in Guangzhou, China, is the tied 7th tallest building. China Zun in Beijing, China, is the 9th tallest building. Taipei 101 in Taipei, Taiwan, was the world's tallest building from 2004 to 2010; it is now 10th. Alternative measurements Height to pinnacle (highest point) Tallest buildings by pinnacle height, including all masts, poles, antennae, etc. in 2014 This measurement disregards distinctions between architectural and non-architectural extensions, and simply measures to the highest point. This measurement is useful for air traffic obstacle determinations, and is also a wholly objective measure. However, this measurement includes extensions that are easily added, removed, and modified from a building and are independent of the overall structure. This measurement only recently came into use, when the Petronas Towers passed the Sears Tower (now called Willis Tower) in height. The former was considered taller because its spires were considered architectural, while the latter's antennae were not. This led to the split of definitions, with the Sears Tower claiming the lead in this and the height-to-roof (now highest occupied floor) categories, and with the Petronas claiming the lead in the architectural height category. If the World Trade Center towers were still standing today they would occupy numbers 11 (North Tower at 526.7 m (1,728 ft))[10] and 31 on the list (or 10 and 30 since it can be assumed the rebuilt One World Trade Center would have never been built). bold †Denotes building with pinnacle height higher than architectural Rank Building City Country Height Floors Built 1 Burj Khalifa† Dubai  United Arab Emirates 829.8 m 2,722 ft 163 2010 2 Shanghai Tower Shanghai  China 632 m 2,073 ft 128 2015 3 Abraj Al-Bait Towers Mecca  Saudi Arabia 601 m[11] 1,971 ft 120 2012 4 Ping An Finance Center Shenzhen  China 599 m 1,965 ft 115 2016 5 Goldin Finance 117 Tianjin  China 596.6 m 1,957 ft 128 2019 6 Lotte World Tower† Seoul  South Korea 555.7 m 1,823 ft 123 2016 7 One World Trade Center† New York City  United States 546.2 m 1,792 ft 104 2014 8 Guangzhou CTF Finance Centre Guangzhou  China 530 m[12] 1,739 ft 111 2016 8 Tianjin CTF Finance Centre Tianjin  China 530 m 1,739 ft 98 2018 10 China Zun Beijing  China 528 m 1,732 ft 108 2018 11 Willis Tower† Chicago  United States 527 m 1,729 ft 108 1974 12 Taipei 101 Taipei  Taiwan 508 m 1,667 ft 101 2004 13 Shanghai World Financial Center† Shanghai  China 494.3 m 1,622 ft 101 2008 14 International Commerce Centre Hong Kong  China 484 m 1,588 ft 118 2010 15 Landmark 81† Ho Chi Minh City  Vietnam 469.5 m 1,513 ft 81 2018 16 Lakhta Center[13] St. Petersburg  Russia 462 m 1,516 ft 86 2018 17 John Hancock Center† Chicago  United States 456.9 m 1,499 ft 100 1969 18 Changsha IFS Tower T1 Changsha  China 452 m 1,483 ft 94 2017 19 Petronas Tower 1 Kuala Lumpur  Malaysia 451.9 m 1,483 ft 88 1998 19 Petronas Tower 2 Kuala Lumpur  Malaysia 451.9 m 1,483 ft 88 1998 19 The Exchange 106 Kuala Lumpur  Malaysia 451.9 m 1,483 ft 97 2018 22 Zifeng Tower Nanjing  China 450 m 1,476 ft 89 2009 23 Suzhou IFS Suzhou  China 450 m 1,476 ft 98 2017 24 Empire State Building† New York City  United States 443.2 m 1,454 ft 102 1931 25 Kingkey 100 Shenzhen  China 442 m 1,449 ft 100 2011 26 Guangzhou International Finance Center Guangzhou  China 438.6 m 1,445 ft 103 2009 27 Wuhan Center Wuhan  China 438 m 1,437 ft 88 2017 28 432 Park Avenue New York City  United States 425.5 m 1,396 ft 85 2015 29 Marina 101 Dubai  United Arab Emirates 425 m 1,394 ft 101 2017 30 Trump International Hotel and Tower Chicago  United States 423.2 m 1,388 ft 96 2009 31 Jin Mao Tower Shanghai  China 421 m 1,381 ft 88 1998 32 Princess Tower† Dubai  United Arab Emirates 414 m 1,358 ft[14] 101 2012 33 Al Hamra Tower Kuwait City  Kuwait 412.6 m 1,354 ft 80 2010 34 Two International Finance Centre Hong Kong  China 412 m 1,352 ft 88 2003 35 Haeundae LCT The Sharp Landmark Tower Busan  South Korea 411.6 m 1,352 ft 101 2019 36 Guangxi China Resources Tower Nanning  China 402.7 m 1,321 ft 85 2018 Height to occupied floor This height is measured from the level of the lowest, significant, open-air, pedestrian entrance to the highest occupied floor within the building. Rank Building City Country Height Floors Built 1 Burj Khalifa Dubai  United Arab Emirates 584.5 m (1,918 ft) 163 2010 2 Goldin Finance 117 Tianjin  China 584.1 m (1,916 ft) 128 2019 3 Shanghai Tower Shanghai  China 583.4 m (1,914 ft) 128 2015 4 Ping An Finance Center Shenzhen  China 562.2 m (1,844 ft) 115 2016 5 China Zun Beijing  China 515 m (1,690 ft) 108 2018 6 Lotte World Tower Seoul  South Korea 497.6 m (1,633 ft) 123 2016 7 Guangzhou CTF Finance Centre Guangzhou  China 495.5 m (1,626 ft) 111 2016 8 Abraj Al-Bait Towers Mecca  Saudi Arabia 494.4 m (1,622 ft) 120 2012 9 Shanghai World Financial Center Shanghai  China 474 m (1,555 ft) 101 2008 10 International Commerce Centre Hong Kong  China 468.8 m (1,538 ft) 118 2010 11 Tianjin CTF Finance Centre Tianjin  China 439.4 m (1,442 ft) 98 2018 12 Taipei 101 Taipei  Taiwan 438 m (1,437 ft) 101 2004 13 Changsha IFS Tower T1 Changsha  China 437.1 m (1,434 ft) 94 2017 14 KK100 Shenzhen  China 427.1 m (1,401 ft) 100 2011 15 Guangzhou International Finance Center Guangzhou  China 415.1 m (1,362 ft) 103 2010 16 Willis Tower Chicago  United States 412.7 m (1,354 ft) 108 1974 17 Suzhou IFS Suzhou  China 406.4 m (1,333 ft) 98 2017 Buildings under construction This is a list of buildings taller than 350 m that are currently under construction.[15] More than half of the buildings are located in China. Building Planned architectural height Floors Planned completion Country City Ref. Jeddah Tower 1,000 m (3,300 ft) 167+ 2021  Saudi Arabia Jeddah [16]PNB 118 644 m (2,113 ft) 118 2024  Malaysia Kuala Lumpur Evergrande IFC 1 518 m (1,699 ft) 112 2021  China Hefei [17]Greenland Centre 501 m (1,644 ft) 101 ?  China Xi'an [18]Wuhan Greenland Center 475 m (1,558 ft) 96 2019  China Wuhan Central Park Tower 472 m (1,549 ft) 101 2020  United States New York City Chengdu Greenland Tower 468 m (1,535 ft) 116 2021  China Chengdu Corporate Avenue 1 468 m (1,535 ft) 99 2019  China Chongqing [19]Riverview Plaza 436 m (1,430 ft) 73 2019  China Wuhan 111 West 57th Street 435.3 m (1,428 ft) 82 2019  United States New York City Diamond Tower 432 m (1,417 ft) 93 2019  Saudi Arabia Jeddah [20]Chongqing Tall Tower 431 m (1,414 ft) 101 2022  China Chongqing [21]Haikou Tower 428 m (1,404 ft) 94 2020  China Haikou Shandong IFC 428 m (1,404 ft) 86 2022  China Jinan [22]One Vanderbilt 427 m (1,401 ft) 58 2021  United States New York City [23]Dongguan International Trade Center 1 427 m (1,401 ft) 88 2019  China Dongguan Dongfeng Plaza Landmark Tower 407 m (1,335 ft) 100 2020  China Kunming [24]Guiyang Financial Center Tower 1 401 m (1,316 ft) 79 2021  China Guiyang [25]La Maison by HDS 386.5 m (1,268 ft) 105 2021  UAE Dubai [26]Iconic Tower 385 m (1,263 ft) 90 ?  Egypt Cairo [27]Abu Dhabi Plaza 382 m (1,253 ft) 75 2019  Kazakhstan Nur-Sultan Guiyang World Trade Center Landmark Tower 380 m (1,250 ft) ? 2021  China Guiyang [28]Shenzhen Center 375.6 m (1,232 ft) 80 2019  China Shenzhen Guangdong Business Center 375.5 m (1,232 ft) 60 ?  China Guangzhou [29]Citimark Financial Center 375 m (1,230 ft) 70 ?  China Shenzhen [30]Coronation Square Tower 1 370 m (1,210 ft) 78 ?  Malaysia Johor Bahru [31]Xujiahui Center Tower 1 370 m (1,210 ft) 70 ?  China Shanghai [32]Uptown Tower 370 m (1,210 ft) 78 ?  UAE Dubai [33]Hai Tian Center Tower 2 369 m (1,211 ft) 72 2021  China Qingdao [34]45 Broad Street 365.8 m (1,200 ft) 68 2021  United States New York City Galaxy 1 365 m (1,198 ft) ? 2021  China Shenzhen [35]Galaxy 2 365 m (1,198 ft) ? 2021  China Shenzhen [36]VietinBank Business Center Office Tower 363.2 m (1,192 ft) 70 2021  Vietnam Hanoi Three Sixty West Tower B 361.2 m (1,185 ft)[37] 90 ?  India Mumbai Greenland Group Suzhou Center 358 m (1,175 ft) 75 2020  China Suzhou [38]Il Primo Tower 1 356 m (1,168 ft) 88 2021  UAE Dubai [39]Ciel Tower 355 m (1,165 ft) 77 ?  UAE Dubai [40]Agricultural Development Center Tower 1 350 m (1,150 ft) ? ?  China Harbin [41]East Gate Tower 350 m (1,150 ft) ? ?  China Guangzhou [42]List by continent The following list shows the tallest completed buildings located in each continent listed by greatest to least height (click on name of continent for continent-specific list): Continent Building Height Floor count Completed Country City Asia Burj Khalifa 828 m (2,717 ft) 163 2010  United Arab Emirates Dubai North America One World Trade Center 541.3 m (1,776 ft) 104 2014  United States New York City Europe Lakhta Center 462 m (1,516 ft) 86 2018  Russia St. Petersburg Australia Q1 323 m (1,060 ft) 78 2005  Australia Gold Coast South America Gran Torre Santiago[43] 300 m (980 ft) 64 2012  Chile Santiago Africa Carlton Centre 225.5 m (740 ft) 50 1973  South Africa Johannesburg Antarctica Long Duration Balloon (LDB) Payload Preparation Buildings[44] 15 m (49 ft) — 2005[45]  Antarctica McMurdo Station See also Architecture portal Lists portal History of the world's tallest buildings List of tallest buildings by height to roof List of tallest twin buildings and structures List of buildings with 100 floors or more List of architects of supertall buildings List of cities with the most skyscrapers List of cities with the most high-rise buildings List of future tallest buildings List of tallest buildings in Asia List of tallest buildings in Southeast Asia List of tallest buildings and structures in South Asia List of tallest buildings and structures List of largest buildings List of tallest freestanding structures List of tallest hotels List of tallest residential buildings List of tallest structures List of tallest structures by country Skyscraper IndexNotes A. ^ Destroyed buildings not included B. ^ Topped out but not completed.References ^ "Burj Dubai now a record 688m tall and continues to rise". 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Longxi International Hotel Minsheng Bank Building Nanjing International Youth Cultural Centre Tower 1 Nina Tower Pearl River Tower Ping An Finance Centre The Pinnacle Shanghai Tower Shanghai World Financial Center Shimao International Plaza Shun Hing Square Suning Plaza 1, Wuxi Tianjin World Financial Center Wanda Plaza Wenzhou World Trade Center The Wharf Times Square White Magnolia Plaza International Commerce Centre International Finance Centre Jiangxi Nanchang Greenland Central Plaza Jin Mao Tower Wuxi Maoye City – Marriott Hotel Zhongzhou Holdings Financial Center Zhuhai St. Regis Hotel & Office Tower Zhujiang New City Tower Zifeng Tower 23 Marina Abenobashi Terminal Building Skyscraper (Abeno Harukas) Abraj Al Bait The Address Downtown Dubai ADNOC Headquarters Al Hamra Tower Almas Tower Arraya Tower Aspire Tower Baiyoke Tower II Burj Al Arab Burj Khalifa Cayan Tower Elite Residence Emirates Office Tower Etihad Towers Gevora Hotel Haeundae Doosan We've the Zenith HHHR Tower The Index Jumeirah Emirates Towers Hotel JW Marriott Marquis Dubai Keangnam Hanoi Landmark Tower Kingdom Centre Taipei 101 The Landmark Lotte World Tower ICONSIAM MahaNakhon The Marina Torch Northeast Asia Trade Tower Ocean Heights Petronas Towers Princess Tower Rose Tower Telekom Tower Vincom Landmark 81 World Trade Center Abu DhabiEurope City of Capitals Eurasia Federation Tower Mercury City Tower OKO Tower The Shard Australia Q1Under constructionNorth America 3 Hudson Boulevard 9 DeKalb Avenue 30 Hudson Yards 35 Hudson Yards 45 Broad Street 50 Hudson Yards 53W53 111 West 57th Street 125 Greenwich Street Central Park Tower Comcast Technology Center Manhattan West Tower 1 One Vanderbilt The Spiral Vista TowerAsiaChina Baoneng Center Baoneng Shenyang Global Financial Center Changsha A9 Financial District Changsha IFS Tower T1 Chengdu Greenland Tower China Resources Centre Block A China Resources Headquarters Chongqing Corporate Avenue 1 Concord International Centre Dalian Greenland Center Dalian International Trade Center Deji Plaza Dongguan International Trade Center 1 Eye of Spring Trade Center Gemdale Gangxia Tower 1 Golden Eagle Tiandi Tower A Golden Eagle Tiandi Tower B Goldin Finance 117 Greenland Group Suzhou Center Guangxi Finance Plaza Haikou Tower Hanking Center Heartland 66 Office Tower Hon Kwok City Center Huaguoyuan Tower 1 Huaguoyuan Tower 2 Jin Wan Plaza 1 Jinan Center Financial City Logan Century Center 1 Mandarin Oriental Chengdu Nanjing Olympic Suning Tower Nanjing World Trade Center Tower 1 Ningbo Center One Shenzhen Bay Phoenix Towers Rose Rock International Finance Center Runhua Global Center 1 Shenglong Global Center Shimao Hunan Center Shum Yip Upperhills Tower 1 Sino-Steel Tower South Asian Gate Spring City 66 Suning Plaza Tower 1, Zhenjiang Suzhou IFS Suzhou Zhongnan Center Tianjin Chow Tai Fook Binhai Center Tianjin Modern City Office Tower Tianjin R&F Guangdong Tower Wuhan Center Wuhan Greenland Center Xiamen International Centre Yantai Shimao No.1 The Harbour Yuexiu Fortune Center Tower 1India DB Crown Lokhandwala Minerva Namaste Tower Palais Royale Three Sixty West World OneSaudi Arabia Capital Market Authority Headquarters Diamond Tower Jeddah Tower Lamar TowersSouth Korea LCT Landmark Tower LCT Residential Tower A LCT Residential Tower B Parc1 TowerUAE Address Boulevard DAMAC Residenze Dubai Pearl Marina 101 Marina 106 The Skyscraperother Abu Dhabi Plaza The Exchange 106 Gate of Kuwait Gate of Taipei Iconic Tower Merdeka PNB 118 Pertamina Energy Tower Ryugyong Hotel The Stratford Residences VietinBank Business Center Office TowerEurope Lakhta CenterAustralia Australia 108Construction delayed or suspended Al Quds Endowment Tower Barwa Tower Burj Al Alam Busan Lotte Town Tower Doha Tower and Convention Center Dubai Towers Doha Forum 66 India Tower JW Marriott International Finance Centre Lighthouse Tower Millennium Tower Orchid Heights Pentominium The Pinnacle Plaza Rakyat Qatar National Bank Tower Signature Tower Jakarta 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