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When I visited Lisbon, a city known for its bohemian atmosphere, lovely beaches and hot nightlife, I didn’t imagine I’d be wandering the streets looking for urban art – but that’s exactly what happened. Lisbon is just bustling with creative graffitis in all neighborhoods, depicting everything from novel characters to passionate love scenes. Naturally, the city is also filled with crap graffiti.Furthermore, for most people, this type of art is only reserved for the young. LATA 65 wants…

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Like many things in life, traveling is all about perspective – and these images show an amazing perspective! How many of these places have you visited? How many would you like to visit? Do you prefer the ground perspective, or the bird’s eye view? Leave your opinions in the comment section! Niagara Falls Quite possibly the most famous waterfall in the world, Niagara definitely deserves its fame. Barcelona Barcelona is known for its bohemian neighborhoods,…

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We all know the famous statues of Rushmore or Rio de Janeiro, but not all grand statues are so well known. In an attempt to do them justice, here are some of the grandest statues in the world: Genghis Khan, Mongolia – 40 meters What better way to start this list than with the world’s greatest and bloodiest conqueror? This tall statue of Genghis Khan on horseback, on the bank of the Tuul River was built…

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When the Communist Regime in Romania wanted the local industry to boom, they relocated many people from villages to cities. The population, which was predominantly rural, started to shift, as more and more people moved to the country’s urban centers. When the regime fell, many things changed in Romania, but that trend didn’t – more and more people are leaving villages today, up to the point where entire villages are deserted. A new study has…

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You’ve got to admit – graffities are everywhere. It’s simply impossible to imagine yourself in a world where there’s no scratch on the public toilets, no tags on old railway carriages, or on the road signs. But it’s always puzzled me how talented street artists not only fail to get the proper consideration for their works, but are often put in the situation to pay fines.   It’s partly why I’ve always been impressed by…

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In the heart of Romania’s capital Bucharest, a lovely XIX century edifice was transformed into a cultural jewel – a spectacular display filled with a collection of both classic and modern literature, albums, DVDs, and of course – tea. The Cărtureşti Carusel, also called “The Carousel of Light” is located on a street with long standing tradition – it was the place where merchants of old from Leipzig, Krakow and all around Europe came to sell…

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If you’re thinking that Germany’s architecture is not that spectacular, well… you’re wrong! (and I have to say, so was I). Germany is among the countries with the richest history in the world, albeit, it’s not quite the happiest history – nor is it the one we usually want to remember. Photographer Christian Richter began exploring not only the country’s grandiose buildings, but particularly the abandoned ones – here’s the result. This is his “Abandoned” series….

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Casa do Penedo, Portugal There’s nice houses, there’s really beautiful houses… and then there’s this. A stunning display of natural and man-made architecture, troglodytic houses (as they’re called) are delightful to look at. Here’s just a small list of some of the most spectacular examples of troglodytic houses. Casa do Penedo, depicted above, is so surreal that many people on the internet didn’t actually believe it’s true – but it is. No hoax here, just beauty….

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It’s nice to visit the famous sight and hang out in the cool places, but every once in a while, all you need in your travels is a good mural; at least that’s how I feel sometimes. This work of art by Puerto Rican street artist Bikismo for the RAW Project at Jose de Diego Middle School for Art Basel Miami is simply mind blowing! The entire thing is 100% spray paint and it took him only…

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