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Lumos! or how to enjoy every colorful paradise

‘The Wand-Lighting Charm is simple, but requires concentration. Take care not to accidentally set your wand alight as damage of this kind can be permanent. If in any doubt about your abilities you would do better to buy yourself a magic lantern.’  Harry Potter

One of the many factors that makes things look billion times more beautiful, while it really puts them in perspective as well is light. Whether or not it is colored, ambiental, stark or subtle, it always manages to change the way the world looks like. This is why for years now everyone’s gone crazy about New York, about Las Vegas. Because everything’s just so irresistibly colorful, vibrant and full of life that you just can’t help but do your best to see the places. What you may be interested in is that this secret of capturing the right, the most colorful moment of them all has turned lots of places into legends over time. Some of them are astounding without this artifice, while others are capitalized and exploited to their real potential.

Yi Peng Festival, Thailand

Its substantial cultural meaning gathers hundreds of thousands of people every year for an unprecedented visual spectacle. The entire experience is very mystical, every local adorns his home with candles and blossoms, with coconut leaves and lanterns, as the entire region looks like from another world, and if you’re trying to describe your experience what’s going to come out is no different than a fairy description of a heavenly place and time. One of the most popular and iconic images of this spectacular display portrays the monks watching the famous paper lantern skyward, overwhelmed by the beauty of such a simple, yet powerful moment.


This second example is the living proof that an amazingly beautiful image doesn’t have to carry deep cultural symbols with it. On the contrary, these elevated roads don’t only look very futuristic in itself, but constitute a perfect nocturnal preview of the city lights. While the latter are exponentially more varied, the essence of this evolution mark have rapidly become a trademark of the Chinese economic and cultural expansion. The blue shade backing the yellow illuminated roads is in perfect harmony with the city lights as well. This great development score is as important as it’s not only functional and architecturally complete during the day, but the best spectacle you’ll be offered is during night time, when the lights can be admired it in all their splendor, as they seem to come alive.

The place is not only popular for the highlights, but for the lantern festival as well. The splash of colorful lights combined forms a fairy world, reason for millions of people worldwide to visit the city.

Madagascar, Ranohira

The name of this location only rings a bell for being known as the door to Iaslo National Park. Yet, there is a lot more to it than just that. Besides being a necessary go-through for any tourist who wants to travel in the country, what’s often left outside the most immediate connections is not even the cultural background, but the amazing country branding the locals make with every occasion. What’s even more impressive is that you could even pass by such daily artistic demonstrations without having the chance of observing them, because of the rush or simply because of bad timing. The image below is one of the most exquisite examples showing that we don’t have to own the world to make a difference or to stand out, and imagination has no limits when it comes to attracting attention to a country’s true culture and potential.

Italy, Manarola

Coastline communities have a way of making themselves seen, whether we like it or not. They’ve got their own personality, very different one from another, even if the distance between two such towns is only a matter of a few kilometers. And it’s not us who first say it, it’s a known fact, and it’s been exploited and analyzed substantially by many authors in history. One of them was Hemingway, who often found himself outraged by such raw, unique beauty of the coasty locations. And this one’s just an example, while many others can be found with a little attention to details and and outside the box thinking. The picture doesn’t only impress through the crystal clear water or the playfully colored buildings, but by the way the moon seems to have dropped anything else just to give enough attention to this miniatural paradise.



Hong Kong, A symphony of lights

While all the others were just fortunate immortalizations of day by day beautiful settings we don’t pay enough attention to, this one’s a feast for the senses. It has meticulously evolved from a project whose main objective was to attract tourists and has become an identity of its own. It’s not just the setting, but a fine combination with music and narrations, syncronized to create a stereo spectacle that’s simply unforgettable and has been noted by Guinness Book as well, for being the world’s biggest permanent light and sound show, a very bold way of creating a place’s identity.

Qatar, Doha

Another synergy of the world’s most intense lights’ display is in Qatar. While every singular structure contributes to the amazing night time water reflection of the city lights, this vibrant image isn’t the result of a minutious planing, as it is in Hong Kong, but of the local exuberance and life style. The entire cityscape, with clearly distinguished shapes and colors, looks like a huge canvas signed by a futurist painter, with its all visual points of attraction combined, like a shadow of the real city it caricaturally mirrors.

Tallinn, Christmas market

Imagine a superpower allowing you to teleport in the advertisment’s universe whenever you wish, so that you can experience the great setting, to integrate and become part of the story. Better yet, imagine you’d have the possibility to teleport in the Coca-Cola commercials every Christmas. Wouldn’t that be amazing? Actually living in such a peaceful, colorful and joyful world? Shocking or not, this isn’t just come crazy guy’s idea, it’s really possible. All you have to do is take a plane to Tallinn when the Christmas time is near and you can be part of the most wonderful, wondrous winter story.

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