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During World War I, 888,246 British soldiers died.To commemorate the British and colonial fatality, a ceramic poppy for each solider will be installed near the Tower of London. The project was led by artist Paul Cummins and designer Tom Piper, who were also responsible for the idea. The red ceramic poppies are going to look like a flowing sea around the the tower. The commemoration, called Blood Swept Lands and Seas of Red,  will be unveiled on August…

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There is no typical guide to visiting this city, and the impossibility of making it fit into a pattern is what makes it so memorable, after all. Unlike many of the popular tourist destinations, it’s hardly possible to make a list of monuments of which the Internet says they’re a must. Instead, Shanghai is all about discovering the bewildering variety, unfolding on the street level. And although it’s called the Paris of the East, you’ll…

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There’s no holiday like visiting sacred monuments for any Christian out there who’s attracted by pilgrimages and spiritual life. And Europe’s one of the most abundant places on Earth where any religious (or simply curious) traveler can find inner peace while wondering at architecturally marvelous and spiritually meaningful opulent constructions. Christianity is not something very popular among tourists, but it is certainly a fact – the dozens of millions of people visiting all kinds of…

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I don’t think that there’s ever been someone thinking: ‘Oh, Vilnius, great city, but so expensive!’ and yet there are plenty of reasons for which we should recommend some free amazing things to be done and not just because they don’t involve spending money, but because it would be great if you knew about them either way before going to visit Lithuania. White Bridge Play Area Depending on the kind of traveler that you are,…

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‘The Wand-Lighting Charm is simple, but requires concentration. Take care not to accidentally set your wand alight as damage of this kind can be permanent. If in any doubt about your abilities you would do better to buy yourself a magic lantern.’  Harry Potter One of the many factors that makes things look billion times more beautiful, while it really puts them in perspective as well is light. Whether or not it is colored, ambiental,…

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It’s weird how there are lots of places on Earth that look and feel like heaven, especially if you’re there at the right time. Some of them are of such outstanding, pure, raw beauty that their uniqueness is not only metaphorically a sight for sore eyes, but they could also work as therapy. Tianzi Mountain, China The first of these natural marvels is Tianzi Mountain, China. One of the four sceneries of Wulingyuan area, ‘The…

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Often dubbed a luxurious hotel on wheels, the Danube Express is a sumptuous train and its most spectacular route is between the ancient capital of Istanbul and Budapest, the glittering capital of Hungary.  Named for the river, the Danube Express can make for an extraordinary holiday experience.  Witness the Bosphorus and journey through the Carpathian Mountains, over the Hungarian plains, to the stunning Hungarian capital on the Danube River.  Breath-taking scenery, delicious cuisine and the…

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Turkey has so much to offer visitors and people looking to up and move to a different country to settle, seeking sun, sea and paradise. You’ll find outstanding natural beauties everywhere you go due to its incredible historical and archaeological sites. For this reason, Turkey has recently become one of the world’s leading tourist destinations. Surrounded on three sides by three different seas, this triangle-shaped country’s shores boast amazing beaches, bays, coves, and islands. One…

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This article article is part of a series entitled The Wild and Wonderful Nepal: The Wild and Wonderful Nepal: Festivals you shouldn’t miss The Wild and Wonderful Nepal: Boudhanath Stupa – the largest Buddhist monument outside Tibet The Wild and Wonderful Nepal: Trekking in Nepal The first thing you’ll probably want to visit and the most important cultural edifice in Nepal as well is Boudhanath Stupa, a very recognizable site assigned UNESCO since the late…

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