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Hot Travel Trends: Themed Cruises

theme-cruises-mainA themed cruise adds another dimension to a regular cruise with some additional or enhanced programmes on board, which are aimed directly at the interests of the passengers assembled. Cruise holidays continue to grow in popularity, with bookings increasing every year and themed cruises are a hot trend that is appeals to holidaymakers who are looking to be entertained and educated at the same time.

What sort of themes?

There are already a wide variety of specialist cruises that cater for any number of different interests and topics. You can take a cruise that is based on food and wine, with resident experts on board to provide demonstrations and answer questions. Other popular subjects that are available on themed cruises are health and wellbeing, history and culture, music, science and the environment, theatre and the arts and even cruises that are specially designed for singles only.

Food and wine

The quality of the food and wine available on most cruise ships is legendary but a food and wine themed cruise will take this to a new level, as you get the chance to watch celebrated chefs prepare signature dishes and impart their wisdom, sharing some useful cooking tips and techniques to try when you get home. Distinguished wine experts are also on hand to improve your knowledge of how to select the right wines and depending on the area that you are cruising to, you may also get the chance to visit some vineyards when you step ashore.

Health and Wellbeing

If you take one of these health and wellbeing themed cruises you will probably learn about a diverse range of topics, ranging from exercise and healthy eating, through to personal finance and lifestyle coaching. There will be experts on hand to show you how to achieve and maintain a healthy, balanced lifestyle, as well as tips on managing stress and improving your general wellbeing, although being on a cruise in the first place is a good start.

Music themed cruises

There are already many themed cruises available but already, the most popular of all are the music themed cruises – and by some margin. You can choose from a wide variety of styles, from big band to Broadway, or if classical music of jazz are more your thing, then you are sure to find a cruise that caters for your particular taste. Not only will you be treated to performances from well-known artists in their field of music, but your experience will be further enhanced by the fact that you are sharing the experience with other people, who share the same passion for the music as you do.


If you have a particular hobby, such as photography or maybe antiques, then you will almost certainly be able to find a cruise that will have experts on board who can help you hone your skills and further improve your knowledge of the subject.

Themed cruises are a great way to have fun and learn at the same time and they are proving increasingly popular with holidaymakers who like to share their holiday with like-minded people.

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