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There’s no holiday like visiting sacred monuments for any Christian out there who’s attracted by pilgrimages and spiritual life. And Europe’s one of the most abundant places on Earth where any religious (or simply curious) traveler can find inner peace while wondering at architecturally marvelous and spiritually meaningful opulent constructions. Christianity is not something very popular among tourists, but it is certainly a fact – the dozens of millions of people visiting all kinds of…

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  Dubai is a land where great minds come together to tackle great obstacles in the quest to transform itself into a shining oasis. In only a few short years this state of the United Arab Emirates has turned its small port capital into a glittering hub of monumental real estate developments, commerce, and tourism in the Middle East. Following their trend of building the biggest, best, and brightest attractions for their beloved city is…

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The perfect dreamy place for any coffee lover who’s also a passionate photographer is in South Korea. There’s no other place on Earth to combine the two leisure activities like this does. A couple decided to open a coffee shop that would attract tourists and – rumor has it – no traveler who’s truly in love with wandering will ever miss photographing an amazing place that no one could ever forget, especially if there’s little…

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The White House is an American icon. From its classicly clean french doors to the stately interior, it is immediately recognizable. However, few know details about its construction and several reconstruction projects. Initial construction began on the famous building in 1792, and a mere eight years later, President John Adams was the first to live inside it. Since then, the White House has had several major reconstruction projects, including the following: 1. Initial Construction On…

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Hawaiian Islands, a place where freshness of floral breeze will energize you and the warmth of serene water will refresh you. With breathtaking natural beauty, it appeals the visitors for enjoying a memorable holiday.  Undoubtedly, there is no place on earth like Hawaii. With six unique islands, it is waiting to deliver distinct experiences that can allure any traveler. The islands warmly invite you to discover an ideal travel experience. Explore the lush valleys and…

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It’s not only refined, but harmonious and curved, delicate just like a giant piece of jewelry about to slip through your fingers. What’s really specific about this city is the way it’s going to reveal to you. At first, you’ll only see the striking beauty of the big picture, but Riga won’t cease to show you its innermost mysteries and wondrous places – all you have to do is be patient enough to discover them…

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From architecture to street art, the Finnish capital can offer you anything you wish. Despite being one of the eurozone’s most developed countries Finland is deffinitely a place on your bucket list that you shouldn’t give up on because of financial reasons. The popularly known wealthy situation of the country doesn’t make it less of a touristic woner, even for the budget travelers. There are plenty of events with free admissions happening especially during the…

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Vacationing in a tropical spot can be very enjoyable and provide you with hours of entertainment. However, the sun can be scolding compared to what we’re all normally used to. Many travellers forget the importance of taking good care of yourself during a vacation. Here are some hot tips for enjoying your sunny vacation and coming back in one piece: Lather on that Sunscreen The sun can get a lot hotter in tropical locations, so…

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Blue and green come in all shades and nuances here, in the city where WiFi will never be a problem. The best way to discover the best this city can offer is by walking. Try and take in as much information as possible, along with the all kinds of positive vibes. And no, we’re not being abstruse, it’s the plain truth and you’ll have the chance to live it yourself. Stockholm is one of the…

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