Three unknown waterfalls you should deffinitely see in a lifetime

The amazing thing about the waterfalls is that their magnificence is not conditioned by their hight or other dimension characteristics. This article will give you reasons to go visit some not-so-popular waterfalls that are worthy to constitue points of attraction, even though they might not be top of mind when it comes to waterfalls.

1.Langfoss, Norway.

It is not even the biggest waterfall in Norway. It looks, though, like a natural wonder and its year round flow is given by the numerous lakes nearby. There are plans to develop hydroelectric schemes to impact the falls. Which is not surprising at all. The amount of water as well as its speed, although it is not regulated, make it seem artificial, a human masterpiece on a large scale rather than a natural miracle, given its placement on the base near a national road.

The most impressive is the nature-civilization fusion that it encompasses. It has a drop of 612 meters and it is the fifth highest waterfall in Norway. Unlike most of the cascades, it doesn’t keep a straight drop towards its base, since it maintaines the contact with the cliffs before it spills to Akra Fjord. The combination of width and hight is rare and bizarre as well. It measures 612 meters height and 62 meters width and its silhouette is emphasised even more during the summer, when the vegetation around is bright green.

2. An exquisite natural art work is La Grande Cascade de Gavarnie, in France.

As its name suggests, it is the biggest in the country. The glacial cirque of Gavarnie, landform to circumscribe the waterfall is also very popular for the surroundings where there is La Brèche de Roland (Roland’s Breach), also worth visiting if you travel in the area. The colossal frame englobing the cascade measure 6 km in circomeference, surrounded by mountains of over 1500 meters hight.

The waterfall is fed by a glacial lake with no outlet and by the snowmelt,while the water sinks onto the limestone substratum. The specific geology offers it an unique trademark, as the lack of vegetation due to the heights leaves room for its grandeur to be admired by the tourists. The rocky area also highlights the opulence of the waterfall.

La grande cascade de Gavarnie

3. Gocta, Catarata.

It was only after the expedition of a German to Peru in 2005 that the waterfall started to be known by the large public. Until then, only the villagers living nearby knew about its existence, while just in 2006 the Peruvian government mapped it and measured it properly.

Being the newest attraction of the caste, not many know about it, although its two drops appearance is astonishing, as it can be seen from kilometers away. The legend says the locals feared the revealing of sa beautiful blond mermaid living in the waters once the place would have been made public if making public the wereabouts of the place.


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