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Get Ready Dubailand is coming in 2014



Its Coming in 2014 !

Dubai is a land where great minds come together to tackle great obstacles in the quest to transform itself into a shining oasis. In only a few short years this state of the United Arab Emirates has turned its small port capital into a glittering hub of monumental real estate developments, commerce, and tourism in the Middle East. Following their trend of building the biggest, best, and brightest attractions for their beloved city is a new grand development for family tourism and entertainment: Dubailand.

Proposed World Largest Amusement Park

Announced in early 2003, Dubailand is proposed to be the world’s largest collection of amusement parks. The park will be divided into six sub-worlds that will be twice the size of Walt Disney World Resort. The worlds will consist of Attractions and Experience; Sports and Outdoor; Eco-Tourism; Themed Leisure and Vacation; Retail and Entertainment; and Downtown. The developers of Dubailand fashion the park to be an entertainment city, and continue to expand their plans to include the vision of new investors. Their plans have garnered so much international support that they surpassed their original goal of $20.9 billion in private sector investments for the entire project with a total of $55 billion in investments for the first phase alone!

This colossal mega-park is spread across a whopping 3 billion sq. ft and is located just 20 minutes away from two international airports. In addition to a wide plethora of theme parks such as the One Thousand and One Nights Sahara Kingdom, and the world’s first Marvel Superhero park; Dubailand also has a cornucopia of retail outlets, restaurants, and hotels located throughout each section of the park. The Dubailand Downtown is proposed to be the site of the Mall of Arabia, which will surpass the Dubai Mall as the world’s largest mall.

In 2008, along with the rest of the global community, Dubai was hit by the economic downturn and many of its real estate and construction projects had to be slowed or suspended entirely. This impact to the development of Dubailand caused many high-profile partnerships such as Six-Flags, Universal Studios, and DreamWorks to back out of the Dubailand project. Dubai is nothing if not supremely tenacious however, and as its economy is steadily rebounding from the economic crisis, has been working to move forward on this entertainment city.

First Attraction the Miricle Gardens Now OPEN !


Dubai Miracle Garden

The Amazing Dubai Miracle Garden

In September of 2012, the lead development firm Dubai Properties Group, announced that construction would be resumed on the amusement park, and projects the completion of the Mudon Community Residential Project in 2014. The Mudon project will host a series of large townhouses running in the neighborhood of 700,000 USD. Construction on various projects has resumed, and in Spring of 2013 the beautiful sprawling Miracle Gardens had its grand opening, symbolic of the regrowth taking hold on the Dubailand project as a whole.

Soon You Can Walk Into Dubailand !

Soon You Can Walk Into Dubailand !

Though the massive delays at Dubailand have pushed out its completion, Dubai is working in collaboration with its neighbors to ensure that the United Arab Emirates will become the best place for entertainment and family tourism in the world. With a steadily rising GDP and continual progress on their stalled mega-developments, expect Dubailand to become a household name synonymous with family fun and excitement in the near future.

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