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Having fun during a typical weekend break in the UK

Steeped in historic wonder and breathtaking beauty, Britain is a place that is full of interesting and entertaining cities, towns, villages and countryside escapes offering great pubs, restaurants, museums, walks, and exciting and unusual things to do. Weekend breaks come after a week of hectic schedule so people need something relaxing. Relaxing can be an hour of Football, a family dinner or for some even hiking. If you’re going hiking make sure you get the right hiking boots for your trek.


Football is one of the most integral parts of the British culture. England has over 7000 Football clubs in most of the towns and cities. Weekend holidays are generally spent on Barclays Premier league matches’. A good Football Stadium can be a very entertaining spot to spend your weekend holiday. You can go to Wembley (London), Old Trafford (Manchester), Anfield (Liverpool) and have a look at the enthusiasm of supporters, be a part of that culture, experience the joy of winning and what not. Football unites all those people who love the game, whether in agreement or disagreement. The more you know about the game, the deeper the enjoyment, the more passionately you support your club, the deeper your involvement.

An equally significant aspect of British culture is hiking. Nothing man-made can give you as much pleasure as nature. Outdoor hiking has countless benefits for both the body and the mind. It is inexpensive and easy to start, so you can participate no matter how fit you currently are. It can also help you lose weight, clear and ease your mind and build a healthier body. Here’s a look at some of the hiking spots:


  1. Upper Wharfedale, Yorkshire, England, hike distance: 10km.
  2.  Brown Willy, Cornwall, England, hike distance: 6.5km.
  3.  St Michael’s Way, Cornwall, England, hike distance: 20km.


The most interesting hiking is self-led hiking in which it is you against the nature. Although they have guided trails, but you get to experience so much that you feel like you are continuously discovering nature. Glastonbury has always attracted people who want have adventure in their life. It isn’t just the home of star-studded festivals and long-haired hippies, it’s also one of the most mystical places in England. Make the short hike up to the Glastonbury Tor  with its medieval tower, and you’ll be able to look out over the Somerset landscape, rumored to have been the domain of King Arthur and his knights. Even if you don’t believe the myths and legends from these parts, there’s no denying its prettiness. Plus it is suitable to all.

The Hadrian’s Wall is already famous for its blindsiding view. There’s little chance of getting lost along this walk – just follow the ruins of the most famous wall in Britain. As well as rolling hills and rugged moorland, you’ll come across the Roman fort at Segedunum and the River Tyne bridges as you trek from one side of England to the other. This hiking is only meant for experts.  Hiking at the time of the sun rise seems so peaceful that you forget about your exhaustion and keep on moving. The feeling after completing a long hike cannot be just described that easily.

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