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I always like to imagine how Hemingway would have written about this place, partly because his talent would magically bring out the best in everything, and partly because there’s no chance to come here and not have a coup de foudre on this country. Slovenia is mesmerizing in every possible way, no matter who you are or where you’re from. Its beauty is discrete and bashful, yet energetic and vigorous. Lake Bled This crystal blue-green lake is…

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It’s filled with fun and excitement all year long, and it’s the ideal place to discover the European wonders. The atmosphere is very different from what you usually expect to see in Netherlands, but the good kind of distinct: a unique nature reserve, arched-shaped and gracefully designed to make you come back for another holiday. I’ll just have to take the responsibility for this cliché, but if we’d have to choose the  European spot perfect…

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Aside from the stereotypical image of men dancing in kilts while drinking beer in pubs until the sunrise, there are thousands of reasons for which you should believe that Scotland is one of the most fantastic places that could ever be on your bucket list, especially in terms of phenomenally stunning landscapes. Their uniqueness speaks of the country branding and makes even the most common view (for the natives) seem heavenly for the tourists around…

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There’s no holiday like visiting sacred monuments for any Christian out there who’s attracted by pilgrimages and spiritual life. And Europe’s one of the most abundant places on Earth where any religious (or simply curious) traveler can find inner peace while wondering at architecturally marvelous and spiritually meaningful opulent constructions. Christianity is not something very popular among tourists, but it is certainly a fact – the dozens of millions of people visiting all kinds of…

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    Every European big city has its one or two symbols for which it’s popular and most of the travelers visit these overly popular attractions. What you don’t know about Krakow is that very often tourists can’t decide which places to go and visit first. And if you’re planning to make a trip to Poland don’t even think that two days would be enough for doing all the best FREE things the city has…

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It’s hard to stay at home for Christmas, when it’s pretty much the same every year: people rushing in stores, markets and malls, a ceaseless rush hour making traffic not only unbelievably annoying, but sometimes even impossible, people faking smiles while offering gifts to people they don’t even care about. Again, being pretty much the same every year makes it not only predictable and boring, but also unpleasant, so here’s a list of some awesome…

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‘Not all those who wander are lost.’ J.R.R. Tolkien – The Fwllowship of the Ring These top destinations for cyclists everywhere are just the ideal way to quiet the mad obsessions of pedals and adrenaline, at least for a while. Each of these routes has some specific je-ne-sais-quoi making them not only perfect places for cyclists, but proper destinations for great holidays: flavored wine, striking views, friendly locals or amazing abrupt roads that make you…

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This article article is part of a series entitled The Wild and Wonderful Nepal: The Wild and Wonderful Nepal: Festivals you shouldn’t miss The Wild and Wonderful Nepal: Boudhanath Stupa – the largest Buddhist monument outside Tibet The Wild and Wonderful Nepal: Trekking in Nepal General trekking tips Nepal has some of the world’s best trekking paths – extremely high mountains, dazzling landscapes, a huge range of plants and animals, and a surprising ease through…

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Australia is not exactly the safest place on Earth (to put it lightly), and the Australian outback is arguably the most dangerous region in the entire country. Traveling in the Outback can be one of the most thrilling experiences that you will ever witness, but it can also be dangerous when you are traveling away from your normal comfort zone. As with any traveling experience, it is important that you be well prepared for any…

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