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20 Reasons to Buy a Holiday Home

From relaxation to scenery, holiday homes have a lot to offer

From relaxation to scenery, holiday homes have a lot to offer

From cramped hotel rooms to long air journeys, the downsides of travelling can be extremely stressful. It’s no wonder so many British families are saying no to typical holiday plans in favour of their own hidden holiday retreat.


If you’re getting tired of the typical holiday routine – long queues, expensive air and rail tickets, and misleading small hotel rooms – let these 20 reasons help you make the decision to buy your own holiday home.


1.     Gain a great place to relax and unwind


Many of England’s best holiday parks are located in amazingly beautiful areas. From the beautiful coastline to wonderful parks like the Lake District, holiday homes can be purchased in some of the country’s most inspiring and relaxing locations.


2.     Say goodbye to cramped hotel rooms


Nothing is worse than checking in only to find that your hotel room is the same size as a storage closet. Owning your own holiday home guarantees that you’ll always be able to sleep in a room that meets your expectations.


3.     Save money while you’re on holiday


While affordable holiday companies like South Lakeland Holidays make travel easy to afford, it’s difficult to beat the incredible value for money offered by owning your own holiday home.


4.     Enjoy the comfort of your own bed


Do you love the feeling of sleeping in your own bed after a long hotel stay? Enjoy the relaxation and refreshing feeling of holiday living, without having to give up comfort and good sleep.


5.     Avoid lengthy check-in queues


Tired of queuing to get to your hotel room? One of the biggest benefits of owning your own hotel room is that you’ll never have to wait in line – whether check-in, breakfast, or for a swimming pool lounger – ever again.


6.     Holiday with your family


Family holidays are the best holidays, and they’re far easier to enjoy when you can stay in a comfortable, familiar holiday home. Enjoy great holidays with room for the entire family to join you.


7.     Personalise your holiday home


Holiday homes are easy to personalise. From paintings to furniture, add your own special touch to your holiday home and enjoy the comfort of home mixed with the excitement of a holiday.


8.     Enjoy fantastic holiday facilities


From swimming pools to sports grounds, holiday parks are filled with great facilities that make your holidays special. Play with the kids, relax by the pool, or walk in your park’s beautiful grounds.


9.     Get to know your destination


While it’s fun to get a sneak peak at a destination on a two-week holiday, nothing is more rewarding than getting to know a holiday destination over months, years, and decades.


10.                        Buy something that’s permanent


When you spend money on a hotel room, you’re securing accommodation for a day or two. However, when you spend money on your own holiday home, you’re buying a lasting asset that will stay with you forever.


11.                        Avoid expensive hotel rooms


Hotel room rates have been climbing upwards at a rapid pace for decades. Sleep in a  comfortable bed, enjoy wonderful facilities, and wake up to a fantastic view without the costly rack rates and extra fees of a typical hotel.


12.                        Meet interesting new people


Like meeting new people? Owning your own holiday home makes it easy to meet new people and create new friendships. Socialise with other holiday homeowners and make new friends, whether at the park’s swimming pool or communal area.


13.                        Rent your holiday home to others


Too busy to go on holiday this year? If you’re unable to travel, you can lease your holiday home to guests and earn extra money that can be spent on new holidays, home improvements, or everyday life.


14.                        Never drive too far from home


Tired of spending hours in the air, on the train, or on the motorway just to get to your destination? If you buy a holiday home that’s close to your city, you’ll never need to spend excess time sitting in traffic.


15.                        Dodge expensive airfares


Airfares are getting more expensive every year. Avoid the costly fees that airlines charge for extra baggage or premium seats and travel in the comfort of your own vehicle to and from your holiday home.


16.                        Wake up to beautiful nature



Nothing beats waking up to crisp, country air. Escape the hustle and bustle of the city and enjoy an environment that isn’t affected by traffic fumes, noise pollution, and large crowds of people.


17.                        Raise your kids in a great environment


Give your children a wonderful experience at your own holiday home. Many of the country’s top holiday parks have special facilities and equipment for kids, making them great places to raise your children away from home.


18.                        Form lifelong holiday memories


While the memories gained on a typical holiday are certainly nice, nothing beats a collection of memories from your holiday home. Enjoy great experiences – and an equally great set of memories – from your exclusive holiday home.


19.                        Enjoy home comforts on holiday


Staying in a hotel can be refreshing, but eventually the missing comforts of home can build up and make the experience stressful and frustrating. Enjoy the greatest parts of home living while away from home with your very own holiday home.


20.                        Take a nice break from city life


From traffic to noise, stressful schedules to expensive daily living costs, the toll of living in a city can quickly set in. Escape city life every weekend with a home that you can call your own in beautiful surroundings.

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