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8 General Travel Tips Helping You Save Loads of Money

Over the years, I’ve had the privilege of traveling to a lot of marvelous and exotic places around the world; travel soon become more then a hobby to me, rather a passion. In this time, I’ve been able to acquire a great deal of experience, that I’ve been laying down on this blog for some time now. Now I’m gonna share a few important tips, that have managed to save a great deal of money on my trips over the years.

1. Bottled water is a necessity and most of the times it can can be expensive and a pain to purchase during trips, so why spare yourself the hassle and “bottle” your own water. Personally I’ve started carrying a water purifier that I can attach to almost any sink faucet. It is pretty small (I carry it in a small Ziploc bag) and you can even bring the adapter to fit it to non-standard faucets. Simply attach the purifier to a faucet, fill up your water bottles and voila, you have fresh, pure water at your disposal. When you are finished, remove the purifier, shake the water out and wrap in paper towel before placing back in your Ziploc bag or whatever it is your using. So easy and so convenient (not to mention – environmentally friendly!).


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2. Lately I’ve started making the habit of eating more during launch, instead of dinner, when traveling. Lunch menus are far more cheaper and it’s a lot better for you figure, just think about stuffing your belly with food and then heading right to sleep? In the evening, it’s a good idea to have a salad too.

3. Whatever you do, try to resist the temptation of ordering room service. It’s heavily overpriced, I’m not adding the staff’s cut here, and could cause a deep whole in your families travel budget. Instead, ask the hotel front desk for a list of local restaurants that deliver. You’ll get to taste some great local food and save a few bucks too!

4. You should always carry local currency on you, but it’s a even better idea to have some smaller bills on you. It’s great for tipping, buying souvenirs and other small miscellaneous things you might run into. It also works great for taxicabs so that you have exactly the amount for your fare and your tip.

5. Never ever use your hotel room phone for long distance calls, you’ll be terribly sorry if you do, believe me I know. Hotels are well known for charging exorbitant long distance rates, as for everything you might order or purchase from your room. Instead, try to find a pay phone in the hotel and use your calling card, or alternatively, purchase a calling card in the country you are visiting. It will spare you tons of cash.


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6. Buy snacks and drinks, from a nearby grocery store, instead of buying from the hotel or vending machines. Let’s face it, vending machines are a rip off and often the food is stale. The answer is to pack up with some of your favorite snacks from back home and when you feel the urge to have a bit of those tasty chips, you just open your backpack. If you don’t want to bring food with you, visit a local grocery store where you can pick up treats for a fraction of the cost of vending machine.

7. When you arrive at your destination, head over to the information desk at the airport (often located near the baggage claim area). You’ll find tons of brochures on activities, restaurants and hotels. Oftentimes, they will have coupons and discounts to help save you money on activities and food. The personnel working the counter can also provide a plethora of information to help you plan your trip.

8. Always when traveling off town, bring a notebook, or whatever’s comfortable for you to write on. Use it to record information about your activities, list important phone numbers, locations, write about your trip etc. When you come home, the notes in it will be a great reference source when are planning your second trip back!


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