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Accomodating in Florence: tips and tricks

Realizing where is your “perfect accommodation” in Florence is pretty easy: every choice you can make is fine, since Florence is full of marvelous locations and every area shows its personal plus. I’ll depict some gorgeous areas, so that you can pick the one appropriate for your taste!

Florence Domo

Accommodation near Dome of Florence

Here you are in the middle of the most ancient streets of Florence historical centre. Dome square is the spiritual heart of the city, where you can find the city Cathedral. The Dome, with the Brunelleschi Cupola making unique the skyline of Florence, is consecrated to Santa Maria del Fiore and is probably the most worldwide known masterpiece in the city. Its Bell Tower is adorned with bas-reliefs and shows beautiful green and white marbles.

Benefits – if your looking for museums and monuments and don’t care for busy streets and noises, this is simply the best location in Florence.

Santa Maria Novella Station

Accommodation near Santa Maria Novella station

In the middle of the city centre you can find the Santa Maria Novella central train station (SMN) the main work designed by the Italian Rationalism: a modern look joins the classical style of the white facade. The project was made by Gruppo Toscano and Giovanni Michelacci.

Advantages – this location is easily attainable with every means of transport, and you can always take a train to visit Florence surrounding areas (like Chianti or Maremma).

River Arno

Florence hotels near the banks of the river Arno

The main river in Florence is called Arno and crosses all the city centre, where it meets Ponte Vecchio, one of the most known works of art of the city, and the only bridge not destroyed by Hitler’s air-bombing in 1944. Arno banks are pretty evocative since they constitute the first human settlement in Florence.


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Advantages – You’re in a quiet location that offers some of the most romantic views of the ancient part of Florence.


Florence hotels near Fiesole

On a hill overlooking Florence, Fiesole is a small ancient Etruscan village, as may be recognized from the remains of its ancient walls, probably founded in the IX century B.C. Here you can visit a beautiful Roman amphitheater and unique Etruscan ruins, other than enjoy the most amazing view of Florence in the valley below.


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Advantages – the ideal place for nature lovers, you can enjoy at the same time Florence historical centre and Tuscany countryside

Article written by Andrew Colt

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