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Air Deal Flights Last Minute – Does Service Suffer?

This post is part of a long string of articles concerning last minute booking of flights.

It becomes unavoidable sometimes to fly without a lot of prior notice. Such urgently caused travel can be a great inconvenience, but no inconvenience can be as great as managing last minute tickets. And if some carrier has last minute tickets, it is quite possible that you would have to pay through the nose to get them.

And then there could be various compromises to put up with. Last minute travel could be a great pain, and very few people who travel at the last minute get what they want out of it. But if you are careful enough, you can get some air deal flights last minute.



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The concept of air deal flights last minute has become a possibility only in recent times. Earlier, people followed the custom of advance booking to get the tickets they wanted. Several people even today believe that they can get their desired tickets only if they book at least fifteen days in advance. However, with the Internet providing such good service today, such notions are totally fallacious.

Most flight services use the Internet for conducting a major part of their business. Whatever be the size of the airline, or whether it is national or international, it would conduct most of its business through its website. People are making good use of this convenience too. But there is something more to bear in mind. The airline website is the best place to get cheap flights at the last minute, if ever there is a need.


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There are questions galore about such air deal flights last minute. Leading the pack is the question why airlines give away such last minute tickets at exceedingly low prices. People wonder if that does not create sizable losses for the airlines. Now that is yet another misconception. In fact, by giving last minute tickets, airlines are actually saving their losses. In truth, air ticket prices are much hyped up. Even if most airlines were to sell off their tickets at half the price, they would end up with profits.

A good example of that is the promotional prices put up by the new and upcoming carrier services. These services will fly you at ‘promotional prices’ which could be as much as half that of the major flight carriers. Does it mean these newbie companies are making a loss? Definitely not! With their promotional prices, they are still making a profit. That is the reason giving out air deal flights last minute does not hurt the airline service as much.

Now let us see where the profits come in with air deal flights last minute. All airlines, howsoever much big or small they are, have several canceled and unsold tickets at the end of the day. If these tickets cannot be sold off until the last moment, it could mean grave losses to the airline. These are the tickets that are rebranded as air deal flights last minute tickets and sold to needy passengers. It is a very clever strategy to save on some losses that could have occurred if these tickets had remained unsold with the airlines.


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Naturally, the airlines would make the best use of the Internet for selling such unsold and canceled tickets. The simple reason is that websites have the best reach to ensnare last minute passengers. That is where a last minute passenger needing tickets will first check out. Hence, if you ever have to travel in a hurry, you must look into the air deal flights last minute tickets advertised on the airline’s website before you make any other effort. That is surely the best place to get them.

Article written by Rupert Sherwood 

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