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Those looking to eat their way around Europe will find car hire to be the easiest and most rewarding way to discover the delights of European cuisine. Europe’s kitchens have contributed some of the tastiest fare to international menus. What better way is there to sample these delicious dishes than with car hire?


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With car hire Portugal, the charms of brightly painted fishing villages are never far away. Freshly netted sardines, char-grilled to perfection await your approval at coastal eateries, while spicy Piri Piri chicken sizzles in the ovens of mountain-top restaurants. On the island of Malta, the eclectic flavors resulting from countless conquests blend together to offer visitors a cuisine that is truly tantalizing. Car hire Malta allows you to savor the flavors of Maltese broth in Valetta or traditional Gbejniet cheese in Gozo. There’s no limit to your dining adventures. German cuisine may not naturally spring to mind when considering the best of European cuisine but as anyone who has ever undertaken a car hire Germany trip will assure you, there are plenty of interesting flavors to be found while on the road. In Bavaria, sumptuous Black Forest Gateaux, pungent mustard and myriad pork dishes are just some of the local offers that beg to be eaten.

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