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Beyond the beach – memorable holidaying as a couple

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When choosing a holiday as a couple it’s easy to pick the familiar, ending up on a break that’s not quite right. This year why not try something different and take a truly memorable trip? Finding something that challenges you can bring you closer and leave you refreshed to face the world again.

Prince William and his new bride, Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge famously visited Canada after their recent wedding. It’s a beautiful country with a great deal to offer couples seeking a different experience together. Perhaps nowhere in the country, however, has the majesty of the Rockies.

There are more beautiful hikes and stunning walks than you can reasonably fit into one trip. Why not take the chance to share the view of Mount Robson, the highest peak in the Canadian Rockies? There’s also the chance to visit some remarkable cities like Vancouver and enjoy a night or two on the town before going back for some more of some of the best views on the continent. If you like to share more active holidays, too, this region may be perfect for you. White water rafting, mountaineering, canoeing and helicopter rides are also easily available, which could make this the perfect break for adventurous couples.

Only you know what makes you special as a couple, the things that bring you together and the things you want to explore more together. It is now possible to go on a special interest holiday and share that experience.

You can find holidays with all kinds of themes. Bird watching, wine tasting, yoga retreats, learning a language, archeology or perhaps taking a romantic journey together on a steam train. Your tastes and imagination are the only limits. Couples who believe in responsible travel can often find such experiences closer to home, too, which saves on that carbon footprint.

Skiing holiday packages aren’t for everyone. Many people are seeking responsible travel opportunities. One way of making a difference is simply choosing the mode of transport that makes the least environmental impact. This often means eschewing plane travel and choosing walking holidays, perhaps breaks nearer home, or taking ships if going overseas to reduce carbon emissions.

One option for couples looking for a holiday with real impact on the world is to go volunteering for a cause that’s close to the heart for both partners. What better way to create memories and reaffirm the things that matter to you as a couple? Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are well known for their volunteer work together and as individuals.

You might choose spending a night in a bear hide in Finland, observing the magnificent creatures in Paanajarvi National Park, a visit to Base Cam at Mount Everest to learn about conservation, or perhaps some ‘community tourism’, giving back to the culture you’re experiencing by volunteering while you’re there, perhaps making a real difference while you create valuable memories as a couple.

There are so many options for a fantastic couple’s getaway that it’s hard to know where to start. Whether it’s an environmentally aware trip, a decadent luxury holiday or an adventurous trek up a mountain, the key is to fit the holiday to your own personalities and needs as a couple.

Shanen Doherty writes regularly about responsible travel for a wide range of travel blogs and websites. She particularly enjoys hiking, skiing holiday packages  and adventure holidays. Her ideal break would include all three.

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