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Cheapest Flights Last Minute And How To Get Them

This post is part of a long string of articles concerning last minute booking of flights.

There exist several options if you want to get some cheapest flights last minute; however, it is important to know where you must go to obtain them. This article enlists some of those options. Even though some of these methods could be popular, they are listed here for those who do not know about them.


The first method is, of course, to get the unsold and canceled tickets that every airline gets stuck with at the last moment. In order to avoid a loss to them, airline services do not mind giving away these tickets at extremely low prices.


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You can lay your hands on such tickets through airline websites. Also, your travel agents could get hold of such tickets, which they label something like cheapest flights last minute tickets. You can get them by communicating with your travel agents shortly before you have to leave.

Another way to get cheapest flights last minute is to get in touch with courier agencies. All courier agencies need stuff to be dispatched at various locations around the globe. Most courier services are understaffed, so they would not mind if you volunteer to deliver their packages for them. Here, you can even choose your destination and get the free tickets that courier agents are privileged to.


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Being an air miles member helps. If you are a member, then the airlines will send you email alerts if they have last minute flight tickets to be given away. Even if they do not send alerts, you could ask them when you need to fly at the last minute. However, you have to be prompt about your queries, or you might lose out on you cheapest flight last minute ticket.

Such flights will be at low rates. And then, being an air miles rewards member, you can save more on the costs. Many people vouch that this is the best way to get cheapest flights last minute. You can use your rewards points, and depending on how many they are, you might even be able to fly totally free.


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A little bit of compromise could gain you a ticket for the cheapest flight last minute. Among the various compromises you can make is agreeing to fly at night. These flights are not much in demand and it is easy to get tickets last minute. You could even stand to save half the price. Even agreeing to land at a less popular airport could help. Try landing at an airport that is little distant from the main city hub. You can take public transport from there on. By doing this, you will not only be getting a last minute ticket easily, but you will also be saving a lot of money.

Finally, you can try out the new airline services that are still trying to make their name. They can give you good cheapest flights last minute. Do not think that these services are inferior because of their low prices – this is only their promotion plan. It makes good sense to become airlines rewards member of such carriers. That would make you avail of all their offers when they are promoting. All airlines are poised to grow in future, and when they grow you will be able to rake in much better profits and facilities from them.

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