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The best free apps (or almost free) for travelers

There are lots of things that you’d love to do during your trip and precisely because we know how excited you are, we’re also aware that agitation comes with forgetfulness. And even if it didn’t why bother remembering everything and having to carry a map, a notebook and lots of other things when you’ve got all the answers in your pocket? Along with the technological development, one of the biggest advantages of living in the 21st century is not being forced to remember things you most probably won’t be needing again. Wasting less time in airports, planning ahead easily and getting to go to the best restaurants and hostels is much easier now.


Kayak. Before even leaving home, it’s best to be prepared in terms of booking and comparing everything from flights to hostels and even car rentals. Tripadvisor is where the application will direct you to, so you’ll have an accurate perspective of the others travelers’ experiences and comments in hostels from their real review. The kind of site where you don’t have to be concerned about fake reviews or misinformed tourists, this is the one of the most appropriate places where you can pick your hostel from according to your standards and their reviews. If you click on the Explore menu of the site you’ll get all kinds of information about how to plan your after-work time and what kinds of agendas best fit your budget. And don’t worry if you’ve already planned on spending more than you initially wanted to, the application is free.

The application is compatible with universal iOS devices, Windows Phone and Nokia’s Android.

Hostelworld is an alternative for everybody who owns a smartphone (even an unexpensive one), so if you’re planning to stay at a hostel the application’s going to offer you the best choices there are according to some minimal coordinates and the price you’re willing to pay for a night. A geo-tagged directory of 25,000 listings for budget hostels and over 3,5 million reviews is what’s going to speed your decision making process.

The application is compatible with iPhone and Android, and it’s free.

BlackBerry Travel is a wonderful application, the closest you’ll have to an assistant helping you on planning your trip. It’s going to scan your private documents to make you a special, personalized itinerary, with all kinds of alerts and updates whenever there’s something altering your plans. Hey, and it’s great to have a great free travel app on your Blackberry as well.

The application is compatible with BlackBerry, as the name would suggest. And it’s free.

Traveling for business? Evernote is what you need instead of a good secretary. It’s going to do your job and remember, organize, save and record all your thoughts; you can also use it for storing images, word documents and excel spreadsheets are also compatible with its mode and there’s absolutely no worry concerning the application’s security. The software’s proficient and it’s also user-friendly in terms of organizing emails and special notes. You can sketch and synchronize your saved plans, being in touch with every single notification that you’ll get on the computer or tablet at home or at work as you’ll be gone. It’s not just the kind of application that you’re using for planning a trip, but for during the trip as well. Actually, it’s a great software for whenever you’re not near your computer or tablet. This application’s also free. It’s ideal not only for traveling, but also for organzing  your day to day activities.

The application is compatible with universal iOS devices, Android, web browsers, Blackberry, Windows Phone and other less popular operating systems.

FlightTrack is how you’ll keep in touch with thousands (and we’re not even kidding!) international flights at once, as well as zoomable maps to know where you’re heading to, all kinds of information on departure gates, delays and cancellations – just everything you need to know before booking a flight. Sadly, the application is not free – it costs around $4.

The application is compatible with universal iOS devices, Android and Windows Phone.

An alternative to the last software is Gate Guru and, as its name easily suggests, the application’s going to provide you all the necessary information concerning your booked flight – from delays to the unexpected crowds just to keep you alert so you’ll know what to be expecting. The best thing about this alternative application is that it’s free.

The application is compatible with universal iOS, Android and Windows Phone.

Weather Pro is constantly updating the weather on over two million geographical locations, so you’ll constantly know what you’ll be getting off your trolers as soon as you get to the hotel. It’s very intuitive, it’s got information about everything about the cloud formation to wind speed, atmospheric pressure and humidity of the place you’re going to go on for the holidays. And unlike the stereotype about meteo programs, the application’s always clairvoyantly accurate so if it says it’s going to be a great, sunny weather you’d better pack your best body suit!

The application is compatible with iPhone (€2,99), Android (€2,49) and Windows Phone (€2,69).

Jetlag Genie is just what the name says: your friend in helping beat jet lag. While there are as many theories as there are travelers about preventing jetlag, what’s clear about this application is that it’s based on a scientific view on the problem. If you’re in touch with the theory that it’s best to alter your sleep habits before going on your trip, you’ve basically figured what this soft is going to help you do! If you’re giving it your travel dates and coordination, the application’s going to wake you up with whatever personalized alarm clock you wish, so your problem is mainly solved.

The application is compatible with iPhone only (€2,49).

If being an organized traveler is not your thing, technology is here to help you:  Packing Pro is going to make you feel like your luggage is not only light like a feather, but for the first time in all these years that you’ve spent going on holidays you finally have with you everything you need and more!

All you have to do is give the application some details about your trip: who you’re traveling with, for how long and during what time of the year and it’s going to provide you tons of solution for whatever things you may need, how to group them and, finally, how to make sure everybody has what they need!

The application is compatible with iPhone only (€2,49).

Another amazing application for whenever you need to travel to different places with distinct cultural background all you need to know is the tipping policy if you don’t want to look not like a tourist, but like a jerk. If you’re planning on going to Japan and leaving 10 per cent of the note on the check, Tipulator is going to prevent you from make such a mistake. And even supposing you’re good with your social skills, another huge advantage is that the application can be used on splitting bills, just in case you’ve got a mathematically challenged friend who’s going to keep counting since the middle of the lunch.

The application is compatible with iPhone only (€0.99).

Perfect World Clock is an essential application for whenever you want to avoid the jetlag, and assuming that you know where you’re going, it’s going to calculate you all the differences that you need. It’s not revolutionary, but it’s a great download for whoever not just travels a lot, but even if you’re busy sending emails all day to all kinds of people from all around the world, this application would do.

The application is compatible with Android only. And it’s free.

And we’re going to assume again that it’s not all going to be just milk and honey during your trip, or, as grandma would say, that it’s better safe than sorry. TravelSafe Pro is a great application that’s going to provide you the most important emergency service numbers from all the world’s countries, along with embassy details about all kinds of unpredictable situations for the natural-born paranoid tourists – actually I’m just kidding, it’s great to have something reassuring whenever you’re traveling somewhere new.

The application is compatible with Android only at the price of €1.49.


The first application in the order of importance – don’t laugh – is Google Translate. It’s versatile, it’s spontaneous and it can get you out of many unpleasant, weird situations when the locals are looking deeply into your eyes, all confused and without understanding a thing you’re saying. All the 57 languages are going to be perfectly (or, well, conversationally well) spelled and pronounced so there won’t be any language barrier anymore. The best thing is that the latest version of the application uses human translators so there’s a constant improvement. And it’s all free.

The application is compatible with universal iOS only.

XE Currency is another mesmerizing thing from the future that has come to help you when your math skills have let you down. It’s going to make all the conversions for you instantly, in whatever currency you wish. News, historical rates and an economic indicators calendar, everything at your service so that you won’t spend your entire vacation calculating conversions!

The application is compatible with universal iOS, Android, BlackBerry and Windows Phone and it’s free.

Foodspotting – because you’ve got to spend your recently converted money on something. And best without having to wait too much. So there’s this software who’s going to find you the bes gastronomical match according to your food preferences, your location, the budget you’re willing to spend on food and, of course all kinds of other factors like parking spots and crowded places. All free.

The application is compatible with iPhone, Android and Windows Phone.

Waze. Imagine this application as a love child of social networking and GPS. It’s a great result, really and all you have to do is type your destination, especially in uncharted territory, and the dynamic navigational map system is going to help you avoid the harder routes. And if you’re constantly informing it about your current location, it’s going to alert you over the traffic jams and all the other problems that you could be avoiding.

The application is compatible with iPhone, iPad and Android. For free.

Award Wallet is the best choice to monitor and track your money, storing all your passwords, balances and account numbers, which you can connect to your hotel, your current car, the number of the plane ticket – basically everything in order to keep all the trip safe and organized. And it’s not the new Monica-from-FRIENDS type of organizing, it’s only natural to want to know everything about your rewards before your expiration dates or other things as such. The software is free and it’s all worth it.

The application is compatible with  iPhone and Android.


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