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Hot Tips While Enjoying Your Sunny Vacation

Vacationing in a tropical spot can be very enjoyable and provide you with hours of entertainment. However, the sun can be scolding compared to what we’re all normally used to. Many travellers forget the importance of taking good care of yourself during a vacation. Here are some hot tips for enjoying your sunny vacation and coming back in one piece:

Lather on that Sunscreen

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The sun can get a lot hotter in tropical locations, so you can’t forget to put on your sunscreen. A little bit obvious, but many either forget to bring some or just all together don’t think it’s necessary. Buying sunscreen ahead of time is suggested so you can lather on as soon as the sun starts bronzing your skin.  Spending that much needed relaxation time burnt to a crisp is neither good for your health or your enjoyment during your travels.


Before you go lie out in the sun, apply sunscreen that has an SPF of at least 30. Remember to bring the sunscreen with you, and reapply it at least every couple of hours. If you go into the water, reapply your sunscreen when you get out. These are simple tricks that most travellers ignore soaking up more than they can handle.

H20 Hydrate

When the weather is really hot and humid, you have to stay hydrated. If you don’t drink enough water, heat exhaustion is a possibility. Make sure to drink plenty of water each hour, most resorts offer bottle water for sale or complimentary in your room. If you choose to drink alcoholic beverages and caffeine be sure to balance it out with plenty of water.
Cover Up

Even though it will be really hot, you can still cover up with a shawl and wide-brimmed hat while you are at the beach. These items will help protect your skin from getting sunburned and decrease risk of heat exhaustion.

Bring Healthy Snacks

Before you head out to the pool or beach, bring some healthy snacks with you such as fruit, nuts or granola bars. These healthy snacks will keep you energized. Avoid heavy foods, like cheese burgers and pizza, because they can give you stomach cramps in the heat.

If you follow these very helpful tips, you will really enjoy your tropical vacation. If you start to feel tired or get overheated, take a breather indoors with some A/C and a bottle of water.

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