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How to Find Cheap Hotels

storyhotelmoney.jpgLet’s face it — lodging is not cheap. Often the most expensive part of your vacation is the hotel room. Some people do not try to find cheap hotels. They have nightmares of roach infested quarters, with dirty sheets, wrinkled comforters, and the wrong kind of cable television. But in reality there are many cheap hotels that have everything you need, and none of the things that you want to avoid. Here are some great ways to find cheap hotels.First, check the websites of common cheap hotels like Red Roof Inn, Budget Inn, and Super 8 Motel. These cheap hotels may not be available everywhere, but in most tourist locations you will find at least one of the three. These cheap hotels come with cable television (nice channels only), continental breakfast, and a clean environment.

If you cannot find one of these cheap hotels, try searching for boarding houses. You can find boarding houses by searching the internet for information about the town that you will be visiting. There are a lot of web sites that list information for various cities and town ships, especially cheap hotels.

Another way that you can find cheap hotels is through coupon booklets. Many web sites, companies, and contests give coupon booklets as door prizes, free gifts, or sales incentives. Go through these coupon booklets with a fine toothed comb. Often you will find great deals for cheap hotels that are good at any location.

One of the best and easiest ways to find cheap hotels is to get your hotel room as part of a travel package. Certain airlines and cheap hotels have alliances which afford you discounts on a hotel room if you fly on a particular airline. In turn, cheap hotels hold alliances with rental car companies that offer discounts when you stay at a particular hotel. The discounts are phenomenal, and one discount usually leads to another. Check with a travel agent or on airline and cheap hotels web sites to find out if you can get this type of discount on your trip.

When all else fails, simply search the internet. You can often find great deals on cheap hotels simply by running a search for them in your favorite search engine. You can also find cheap hotels by going to travel discount sites like Orbitz, Price Line, and Travelocity. Asking friends and family for recommendations, especially when the hotel is needed for a visit to their town, is also a great way to find cheap hotels.

Article written by Mario Churchill

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