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How to Handle Health Issues While Travelling

Sickness is one common problem which one can feel while travelling. Many people complaints of vomiting, dizziness, nausea feeling while they are travelling in a bus, car or a train. The motion of the vehicle upsets the stomach which makes you feel sick. So all the energy of the person is lost in coping with these health issues and all the excitement of travelling get spoiled with it.

With the fear of that “vomiting” one can have while travelling, many people avoid to have that lovely experience of holidaying, travelling. So here are some effective tips to avoid that travel sickness.

Bust the Myth of DO NOT Eat before you travel

This is just a myth that one should not eat before a travel. If you do you will vomit. It is proven with medical evidences that one should eat enough before starting a travel. As an empty stomach can be the reason of your sickness while travelling. But caution should be kept on what are you eating. Avoid heavy, spicy, oily stuff, eat light.
Comfortable Seating

If you know that you are tend to feel nausea or to vomit with the motion of the vehicle than choose that seat where less movement is felt. Like in front seat, next to the driver the feel of the motion is the most, as you see the road, the traffic which makes you feel dizzy. So avoid such seats.

Scopolamine Patch can help

The disturbance caused in inner ear due to repeated motion is the main cause of motion sickness. So a cure for that is Scopolamine Patch, wearing it behind the ear is successful in providing relief.

Avoid Reading

Reading is a good time pass while travelling. But it is advisable to avoid it. It causes constant motion of the eye, your focus which leads to sickness. So try to focus at one place only, in straight direction. This will make you feel a lot better.


Divert Your Focus

Think about something about besides sickness. Do not let that thought that” I get sick while travelling” come in your mind. So put your focus on something else like listening to music or talking to your co passengers, not the driver.

Keep OTC medicines with You

There are many medicines available to keep you restrain from motion sickness. Like over the counter prescriptions help you travel through without having that sickness feeling. Carry them with you on your travel.


Keep you hydrated

Dehydration can be the reason behind your travel sickness. Or even after vomit once you feel sicker. So carry enough liquids like glucose, juice with you.

Do not vomit inside the vehicle

Try not to vomit inside the vehicle, so carry barf bags with to use. As if you vomit inside that horrible smell makes you feel vomit again.
Follow these tips and have a happy journey!

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