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How to Use Chop Sticks Properly In Japan


Asian cuisine is popular worldwide and known for its unique taste and variety. Enjoying authentic Asian cuisine can be more tempting if you choose to eat it the right way. Japanese food is served and eaten in an exclusive manner. Wooden chopsticks are used to eat most of the foods in Japan, with the exception of a few. There is some etiquette to use chop sticks while eating and once you have finished your meal. It is considered very impolite to hold chop sticks with all five fingers while eating Japanese food. It takes some time to master the art of using chop sticks, but it can be great fun to practice it.

Watching others use chop sticks can be a delight until you try it yourself. However, most people try and end up asking for a spoon or fork instead. This is somehow an embarrassing situation for many. Here’s how you can learn the art of chop sticks to enjoy delectable Japanese cuisine and say good-bye to those
embarrassing moments.

Step # 1: Pick the first chopstick using your thumb and middle finger. Maintain a firm grip by stiffening your hand. Adjust the broad end of the chop sticks where your index finger and thumb connect. Place the narrow end on top of the middle finger just like you hold a pencil. The stick might rest on your middle
or ring finger, supported by the index finger. Now, set the chopstick and lift the index finger so you can hold the other chop stick.

Step # 2: Take the second chopstick and grip it properly with the index finger. Now put your thumb on the second chopstick. Fix the grip into a more easy and flexible position. See that the narrow ends of both chopsticks are equal to each other. This is important to avoid the chopsticks from crossing each other and
being unable to pick up food morsels.

Step # 3: Hold both the chopsticks in a steady position. Remember, the chopsticks shouldn’t move at all from their position while you move your hand to pick food. Hold the first chopstick in firmly and move the top one by working out the tip of the index finger, whereas the thumb should remain relatively
firm. The chopsticks should stay pressed to your index finger starting from the tip. If you straighten your index finger, it will open the chop sticks, whereas bending it will close them. The thumb will bend slightly in order to keep both the chop sticks in line with each other.

Step # 4: Practice numerous times to open and close the chop sticks. While you do this, ensure that the ends of both the sticks do not cross each other because

Andrew has been travelling to Japan for 3 years, where he has learnt the various aspects of the Japanese culture. When he is not travelling, Andrew distributes noodle machines and sushi machines.


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