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How to use GPS with Google Maps

Google Maps GPSHaving GPS tracking in a phone has become quite common these days. It lets you pinpoint a location accurately. When you use GPS with Google Maps, it lets you view your present location on a Google Map with ‘surrounding locations’ and ‘get directions’ options to locate the places of your interest.

How to enable GPS

You need to enable GPS on your phone before trying to determine the location on a Google Map. Important point to note here is that, using GPS needs more battery on your phone, hence it is suggested that you enable GPS only when required.

Step 1: Go to Home>Menu>Settings>Location

Step 2: Select the checkbox “enable GPS satellites” to switch on the GPS on your phone

Also, you can enable and disable GPS quickly on your phone from your Home screen with the help of GPS widget.


Adding GPS Widget to Home Screen

Go to ‘Personalizing Your Home Screen’>Widgets to include the GPS widget to your phone’s Home Screen.


How to get directions to a location of your interest?

It is easy to find your present location with the help of GPS tracking and get directions at a certain place or address of your choice through Google Maps. For this, your phone needs to have internet connection for using Google Maps to have a proper view for GPS to determine a location accurately.


Step 1: Go to Home>All Programs

Step 2: Select Google Maps

Step 3: Select Menu>My Location – This lets you view your present location with a Google Map in a flashing blue coloured dot.

Step 4: Select Menu>Directions – It pops up a search box with your present location already been entered in the text box called ‘Start Point’.

Step 5: Enter a place or address of your interest in the text box called ‘End Point’.

Also, you can select the location or place of your phone contacts or choose a point manually on the Google map as a destination. Select the right side button of the text box ‘End Point’, and then select your destination type –


  • Contacts – Select a contact on your phone to include his or her location into the text box, ‘End Point’. Only those contacts that have address information are shown on your phone’s contact list.
  • Point on Map – Select the place or location or address on the Google Map that you need to go to, and now select ‘Tap to select this point’.
  • Now select the Public Transit, Driving or Walking to select the way you would like to travel by to the destination.

Step 6: Select ‘Go’ button to do a search and receive a list of directions to the destination. If you find more than one search results, you can select one of the directions from the given list.

Step 7: Select Menu>Show on Map to view the way to your destination location on the Google map. Select the right and left arrows at the screen’s bottom to see individual instructions to reach the destination.

Step 8: Now travel to the destination of your interest by using destination markers and location as guides. The flashing dot in blue colour will move on the map as you move and constantly show your present location. It lets you view less or more detailed information about the surrounding places by selection zoom out and zoom in buttons in the bottom left side of your phone’s screen.


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