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Last Minute Flights: Are There Any Tickets Available?

This post is part of a long string of articles concerning last minute booking of flights.

Most fliers believe that traveling by air requires lots of preplanning. The general notion is that if you have to travel by air, you will need to make a trip to the travel agent’s office to get a ticket, or visit the airport itself.

The general fear is that if such advance booking in not done, then no tickets would be available at the last minute, or at least a heavy price would need to be paid for them. But this is not true. With the right information, it is possible to acquire reasonable deal flights last minute tickets.


Of course, the best resource to hunt for your deal flights last minute is the Internet. Every airline worth its salt has a website through which it conducts the major bulk of its business. These websites are also saddled with several unsold and canceled tickets just hours before scheduled departures. You can see them listed on the websites as deal flights last minute tickets. However, you have to be alert here – as soon as such tickets arrive, you must book them. You will save good money, and even get your flight last minute.


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Some websites exist for the express purpose of selling deal flights last minute tickets. These websites are actually directories of links to individual airline websites that have tickets available at the given moment. They could be very good hunting grounds for getting deal flights last minute tickets. These directories always have links to some or the other websites that are offering last minute tickets. You could find a good number of such directories if you make an online search for them.

You could even turn to travel agents, but that could be a bit costlier option considering that the would add their own commissions too. However, they too could guide you for getting some deal flights last minute tickets. But, they will get the tickets from the airlines themselves. It makes better sense to directly approach the airlines offices at the airports instead.


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If you are in luck, you could also get some deal flights last minute through airlines’ promotional offers. Whenever airlines open up a new flight for a new destination or add some new planes to their fleet, they indulge in several promotional practices to make their new flights popular. They will certainly reduce costs on the fares to get more passengers.


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As such flights will not be full so easily, you can easily get some last minute flights here, and that too at attractive costs. If you are a member of an airlines website, then you will also get email notifications whenever such a flight is organized.

In short, it is not difficult to fly at the last minute, and you might not even have to spend that much if you really know how to go about it. With your efforts and a little bit of luck, you will very easily get deal flights last minute if you want them.

Article written by Rupert Sherwood

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  1. 1

    I always have worried that if I dedint schedule enough in advance my flight would not be available. Is this technique really reliable? I would love to try it but the fear of not having a ticket still exists.

  2. 2

    Yes it works, but is it risky? Of course, else everyone would do it. There’s always a chance, not very big, of not getting a ticket. This guide is meant for those who have no choice, but buy tickets at the last moment. I wouldn’t recommend it for everyone else. You could try it though, and share with us how it worked. Regards

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