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Never miss a concert while travelling again – Android concert ticket apps explored

concert ticketThere was a time when we waited all night outside our local record store to get tickets to that Summer’s hottest gig, then came the time when we constantly re-dialed the ticket hotline hoping for a connection. And of course over the last few years it’s been a constant refreshing of browsers waiting for sites such as BoxOfficeHero or TicketMaster to release tickets.

Now thanks to the App oriented world we live in, there are a wide variety of concert ticket apps that make getting that elusive ticket a much easier and more enjoyable experience.

Here are four of the top concert ticket apps currently available on the Android market.

Bandsintown Concerts (Free)

Download via Google play
A great app that seems to provide tour dates and ticket details for virtually any artist anywhere on the planet! This app has a dual approach in keeping you informed of what’s going on in your area. Firstly, it will let you know all the gigs and events happening in your local area. Secondly, and this is where apps like this really come into play, it will give you a concert list based on your own personal tastes.
Bandsintown has a vast database of hundreds of online tickets retailers so you are practically guaranteed to get to that concert.

Verdict – A very user friendly app with the ability to sync your iTunes, Pandora, last.fm, and Google Play accounts, you’re onto a surefire winner with this app.

onTour – Concert Finder (Free lite version)

Download via Google play

The onTour app provides dates of upcoming concerts in your area and, as with most apps in this category, will also tailor your concert list to your musical preferences. A recommendation engine within the app provides you with events that you may find interesting and may even uncover some hidden gems.

No need to log in with this app, as the developers have taken note of users’ reluctance to sign up for accounts that are not really needed. Customers have reported excellent customer service and feedback on the play store seems to be nothing but positive.
– No annoying account sign up and superb offline customer support make this the app for concert goers that like things simple but effective.

StubHub (Free)

Download via Google play
It’s always nice to be able to pick your seats for a concert or even a sporting event and with StubHub you can do just that. The app includes venue maps so choosing a good seat is no longer a case of hit and miss. Once your ticket has been ordered you can then share your joy, using Facebook, Twitter, and email just to rub your friend’s noses in it.

An added bonus with this app is the ability to sell tickets should you find yourself with an extra stub that none of your friends want. It’s even possible with this app, to download your tickets and scan your Android phone to get into the gig.

Verdict – Being able to sell tickets as well as choose seats gives this app the edge over many of its competitors.

Songkick Concerts (Free)

Download via Google play

Songkick takes a look at your music library, your Google Music account, and your Last.fm app and then provides you with a concert calendar perfectly suited to your musical taste. The app will also push notifications to your device detailing upcoming concerts that might interest you.

Every concert listed will also have the latest lineup, a venue map, and all the available ticket options. You can also add and edit locations worldwide so regardless of where you are on the planet Songkick will keep you posted on what’s going on locally.

Verdict – Songkick combines all the best from many of its competitors and delivers it on a user friendly interface. For keeping tabs on concerts and purchasing tickets, Songkick is a must have app.

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