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You’ve got to admit – graffities are everywhere. It’s simply impossible to imagine yourself in a world where there’s no scratch on the public toilets, no tags on old railway carriages, or on the road signs. But it’s always puzzled me how talented street artists not only fail to get the proper consideration for their works, but are often put in the situation to pay fines.   It’s partly why I’ve always been impressed by…

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If you’re thinking that Germany’s architecture is not that spectacular, well… you’re wrong! (and I have to say, so was I). Germany is among the countries with the richest history in the world, albeit, it’s not quite the happiest history – nor is it the one we usually want to remember. Photographer Christian Richter began exploring not only the country’s grandiose buildings, but particularly the abandoned ones – here’s the result. This is his “Abandoned” series….

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Rock climbing is difficult, but with passion and motivation, you can make anything happen. If these pictures don’t inspire you to get into it and start considering rock climbing… then I don’t know what will.               ……

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Because there are so many wondrous places this country hides, we’ve decided to show you the beauty of it, in a way that requires no words to describe its magnificence. Rodnei Mountains Omu Peak Statue of Decebalus Apuseni Mountains Brașov County Sighișoara Bâlea Lake Scărișoara Cave The Black Sea Transfăgărășan ……

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As I’ve tried to point out in other posts, there are many countries under the auspices of a more general category known as off the beaten path. I stand by the belief that not being the top-of-mind option for travelers isn’t necessarily an indicator of its actual quality as a destination. In fact, most of the times, this etiquette is all about the lack of popularity instead of the place itself. Uzbekistan is one of the many examples on the list…

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Antarctica is one of the world’s craziest settings in terms of good looks. It’s out of this world and not just because it’s extremely difficult to get there, but the setting looks miraculous and most certainly you are going to end up taking over a thousand amazing pictures and return home with what’s going to look like a photo-journalistic approach of the place. Because of all the destinations in this world, Antarctica is the place…

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They’re over 30 per cent of our planet’s land surface, despite all man ever managed to build. Wherever in the world you’re heading to for the next holiday, remember that any of the forests below would be a great stop, even if it meant a few hundreds of kilometers more than your planned trip. They’re totally worth it. Amazon Rainforest Over 80% of the food we eat comes from rainforests, and specifically about this one…

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In Brazil and Luxembourg Chicago, USA Phlegm’s surreal street art in North Wales Tribute to Bansky’s Exit through the Gift Shop, England Bansky’s tribute in New Orleans. Wild Darvings, Keramikos, Athens, Greece by Hopare in Paris, France The ‘Garden of Eden’ Mosaic by Orodè Deoro in Milan, Italy. July 2014 Fencer in Motion – by Li Hill in Jersey, USA Realistic Street Art by Smug One in England              …

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I’ve never heard anyone say anything positive about North Korea. And neither did the producers of this video, city-branding pioneer J T Singh and flow-motion videographer Rob Whitworth. The video is presented as a need to properly inform the Western countries about what really happens there. A city vision through time-lapse photography, explained: There are numerous speculations about the way in which human rights are not respected in this country, how nothing’s popular aside from the…

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