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Things To Remember Before Starting Your Backpack Trip

When we travel we try to choose the best of the comforts for ourselves, spend many bucks in an expensive holiday, staying in luxurious hotels. But some people are different; they do not spend all their money in one fulsome trip but save it for more than one trip. They choose the backpacking trip all by themselves.

But few points are there which one should keep in mind before heading out on their backpack trip:
Destination should be chosen Before Hand: When one thinks of a holiday many places strikes in your mind. Depending on your choice one day you wish to travel to place with beaches, another day you might like to visit a place with beautiful natural sceneries. In such a case do little research and find a place which gives you the pleasure of both.

If your backpack trip is in a group then first discuss among everyone the places you all can visit. Listen to everyone’s choice and make the selection which strikes a correct balance for all.
Gel with Your Partner: In a group backpack trip it’s very important to have a bond between the ones who are travelling together. If your travel partner does not agree with in right from hotel selection, to dine out place then this disagreement can ruin your whole trip. So select the person with whom you can be frank.

Design a Blueprint of your trip: Backpacking requires more planning than any other holiday trip. If you have decided to visit some foreign country than it require lot of brainstorming. It needs to be started six months before you start your excursion. Chalk out your itinery, your flight and hotel booking should all be done in advance. This gives you benefit of getting discounts also.

That gives me my next point and i.e.


Spend intelligently: In a backpack trip it’s important that you save a single penny at place where you can. From selecting a budget hotel, to finding the cheapest restaurant to have your dinner, saving money should be the motto. If money can be saved, then drink normal water and save on mineral water bottle costs. Carry some snacks and light meals to have between meals. If you are travelling in a foreign country then do check to three places before getting the currency exchange. Negotiate and bargain for the best deal.
Do complete research of the place: Before selecting on the budget hotel read up-to few travel forums to know the users review about it. Do a research about every detail of the place from weather conditions to sightseeing places. Read up about the markets there, mode of transport to travel, interesting restaurants. Note every detail you can gather about the place. Make a checklist of all the days you are planning to stay there. What all you need to do, what all places you can cover ion which day. Make complete list of all the activities you have planned for.

To ensure the security make several copies of your itinerary, checklist, pass post and other visa details. Keep everything in a systematic manner.


Stay Connected: As you are on a holiday leave all the details about your whereabouts with your family and friends. Give them the copy of your itinerary, address and contact number of the hotels you will be staying in. It is advisable to buy the local phone sim of the place you are visiting as it will be a cheaper calling option.


Carry as less as you can: backpack trip means carrying your entire luggage in a backpack. You will not be showcasing your best of the fashion clothes there. So pack the ones which are most comfortable and handy. As backpackers you need to be walking most of the time so it will be good if you are carrying less weight on your shoulders.


Essential Items To Carry Along: Do not forget some important items like map of the place or country your traveling to. Essential medicine and first aid box in case of a medical emergency. Comfortable shoes for walking, extra money, a compass. Do carry a sleeping bag along with you also.

So this summer backpack and enjoy a vacation even on a tight budget. Just remember the tips and enjoy your backpack trip with ease and comfort without spending a fortune on it.

Travelling has never been so much fun!!

Author: Kelly Jones writes for Tustin Auto Center. She is a freelance blogger and likes to write about various topics like social media, latest technology trends.

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