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Travel Tips for World Travelers

Whether you are planning a fun weekend getaway, or a once in a lifetime trip to Europe or an adventure trip with the family, you don’t have to exceed your travel budget. Whether you’re 15 or 70, you can travel just about anywhere in the world for free, and even with a nice stash of cash in your pocket. This would be done by telling like-minded people about a trip and convincing them to go with you. The three top incentives to get people to do anything is cash, products and travel.


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According to the results of an email survey conducted by the Incentive Travel Fact Book, 58% say travel is more effective than cash or merchandise. Whether you decide to go by plane, train or automobile, finding cost effective travel is the first step to planning a great trip. If you plan to travel by car, then the first step should be a visit to Map Quest for directions.

By booking the services of a solid, competitive shuttle van transportation company, you will benefit from special rates when traveling to Disneyland and other popular attractions. Once the mind is made up to travel this glorious place, a bit of preparation is definitely needed.


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You can also involve your children in your travel by allowing them to choose a travel clock for you that will remind you of them every morning, not that you won’t be thinking of them anyway, it’s just a good way to make them feel that they are important to you even when you are away.

Another great tip is to be prepared with things to do while you wait in lines, long travel times, and down time. If you want a decidedly patrician vibe during your Caribbean travel vacation, then the Landing, a seven-room inn on Harbor Island is exactly for you.

At first glance the fares that these airlines charge can seem ridiculously low; Ryan Air have given their flights away almost for free in the past although you still have to pay the airport tax of around twenty UK pounds. Firstly, the low fares airlines in Europe nearly always use out of town provincial airports often about forty or fifty miles from the respective city centers.

The internet is of course a great place for information, other sources are friends and family who have traveled to the destination, travel agents, a library or bookstore, embassies, consulates and tourist boards.

For travelers in search of a “gold or diamond in the rough”, Sierra Leone offers a holiday like no other. My advice to you is to visit sooner rather than later, to avoid what is sure to be a stampede once holiday-makes and tour operators latch on to this gem of a destination. So in a nutshell the best time to come to Sierra Leone is the time that suits what you want to do. Trekkers and tanners will have different needs and uses, those looking for bargains also will have different needs and personal purposes.

Article written by Sammy Maseko 

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