The scariest places the world is hiding

  • Les Catacombes de Paris

The Council of State pronounced, in 1785, the disposal and removal of the Cemetery of the Innocents (Le cimetière des Innocents). These old quarries were built to hide the bones, the City of Paris had indeed adopt a general inspection of Careers whose role was to consolidate public roads mined by quarrying. Quarries “de la Tombe-Issoire” were the subject of work consisting largely of masonry retaining galleries by digging a staircase flanked by a well to pour bones.


The proper name for this place would rather be ‘The municipal ossuary’, attracting during its construction and even much after that, until today, the social interest and curiosity a place needs in order to be amongst the most popular scary places on Earth. If your interest area covers the morbid culture as well, you might be wishing to see the dark and gloomy decorum, punctuated by philosophical quotes relating to death or souvenirs. Most of this work belongs to The Viscount of Thury, general inspector of the quarries between 1808 and 1831. He was in charge with the arrangement of a well-deserved rest for the dead. Among the people whose remains can be found there we mention Rabelais, Mansart, Charles Perrault and even Thury himself.


  • Edinburgh Vaults

South Bridge, Scotland. At first sight, it seems more like a street than a bridge to most of the visitors. Its nineteen arches linking High Street and Chamber Street are mostly unobservable. Nonetheless, the largest arch, Cowgate, is more ocular. These structures host many buildings under the deck level, as well as the very well known vaults. The construction of these chambers was completed in 1788.


They were used to deposit illicite material back then. The lack of daylight, running water or santitation of any kind makes them look fearsome, while two of the most popular local serial killers of all time, Burke and Harre, are believed to have attacked some of their victims inside these vaults. The legend is an infamous contribution to the vogue of the place. To these assumptions, paranormal activity reports have contributed creating a mysterous aura around the settlements of these vaults. Well known TV shows, such as Most Haunted, invesitgated the place on Halloween. The researchers in the field suggest that the tourists may also help building the ghost legends around this place, confirming their expectations to experience supernatural manifestations.

  • Chuuk Lagoon, Central Pacific



About 1800 km north-east of New Guinea. Part of the state of Micronesia (which is composed by four islands), the word ‘chuuk’ means ‘mountain’ in Chuukese language.

The original place from which the population of this island comes from is still unknown, despite the archeological and historic research there has been made, but they are believed to have lived on this place for more than two thousand years. The so called Ghost Fleet is known to have been one of the most active regions during the WWII Pacific World civilizations. The blue crystal water meets a local population raised in the spirit of a microcultural community. The moment the place became largely popular was when Jacques Cousteau made a documentary about the wrecks discovered here from during the World War II.

  • Aokigahara Forest, Japan

The place is also known as ‘the perfect place to die’. The Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco is the world’s most popular place to take one’s life, and this forest is the second one on a popularity criterion. Many of the ones to enter the area are believed, by the Japanese spirituals, to have small chances to escape the forest. The place is also commonly known as a place with a high paranormal activity, while the ‘sea of trees’ is not a place where police or other institutional help could be received, since going in the forest’s depths is considered to be a conscient, voluntary and on one’s own responsibility action.


As popular as the place is the novel by Seicho Matsumoto called Kuroi Jukai, where the action surprises the characters deciding to take their lives inside the Suicidal Forest. The most affected because of all this bad reputation of the place are the forest workers, who are supposed to carry the corpses to the nearest hospital. They are the only ones who enter the forest’s darkness without caring about the consequences. As the legend says, it their good intentions that keep them from witnessing paranormal activities.

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